Wilfred Owen Green Park – Oswestry

Wilfred Owen Green Park – Oswestry

This is a little tale of our journey to get James’ hair cut in Oswestry, Shropshire. Our local barbers is hit and miss at best. We have some hilarious tales, including the time my dad spent half the day there, but not very many good hair cuts. So, when we found a great place, we have kind of stuck with it! 

But before a sit down in the barbers chair, we took James for a run around. 

This park is lovely, quite newly landscaped, and clean.   

The slide is really high! For a long time, we have said this park is for big boys and girls. Now I guess James is a big boy because he didn’t have any qualms about climbing those stairs and zooming down the slide!

The station is now a pharmacy! What a beautiful building. 

Nearby there are these circles, which James liked to climb in, down, over! 

And then on in to town, with a stick, of course! 


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