Why You Should Think About Home Heating Oil

Why You Should Think About Home Heating Oil

If you’re in one of the four million households in the UK and Ireland that don’t have mains gas then you might still be relying on electricity and coal to heat up your home and your water. This isn’t the best solution, especially if you’re on a tight budget already, as electricity is expensive and coal is inefficient.

One good option is to look at using home heating oil. Despite what you might think, heating oil is a cheap and efficient way to heat your home, especially if you buy it in from supplies like Emo Oil.

Read on to find out how using heating oil can help you.

Oil’s a lot safer than you might think

While you might imagine that a huge tank full of flammable liquid at the bottom of your garden might be something of a hazard, it’s actually very safe indeed! Kerosene isn’t actually flammable and it doesn’t produce any vapours that can be ignited. Kerosene can only be ignited after it’s passed through the mechanisms inside your boiler. It’s still important to have your tank and boiler checked over each year by a qualified heating technician to make sure everything’s in good order, though.

Heating oil is very affordable

As your oil supply isn’t connected to the mains, you can’t just use it without thinking, as you can with gas or electricity. You get your fuel delivered once or twice a year and once it’s in your tank, it’s there and you have to think about how you’re going to make it last.

It can seem like a huge expense, paying upfront for six or 12 months’ worth of fuel, but when you’ve paid, that’s it. There’s no chance of unexpectedly huge bills because you’ve forgotten to turn the heating off or down. Using heating oil is a great way to budget because of this. Occasionally you’ll have to buy a small top-up if it’s a really cold winter, but you’re aware of this expense and again, it’s upfront, not in the form of a huge bill in January or February!

You can buy in bulk with neighbours

Buying with your neighbours is a great way to bring the cost of your orders down. Your supplier will probably be able to reduce the delivery charges at the very least and if you’re all getting your big winter orders in, you’ll probably be able to bring the unit cost down too.

Oil is much more efficient than you might think

Older oil-fired boilers didn’t have much in the way of control – it was either on or off, with not much in between! Nowadays, oil-fired boilers have the same controls as gas boilers – thermostats, timers and so on. This means you can set your operating schedule and your timings so that your heating comes on before you get home from work – and so it achieves a temperature you actually want. No wasted heat and no Hobson’s Choice between baking and freezing every day!

If you haven’t considered oil-fired heating before, then this could be the right time!

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