What I’m listening to – podcasts I’ve been loving lately

What I’m listening to – podcasts I’ve been loving lately

With the weather turning a little wetter and windier, the traffic on my commute has gone a little bit crazy. Sometimes that half hour journey becomes an hour or two, so I am very happy to have podcasts to listen to on my commute. Here are some of the brilliant podcasts I have been listening to lately!

The Habitat

A serialised documentary produced by Brooklyn podcast company Gimlet, hosted by Lynn Levy. The Habitat is a study of an extraordinary experiment in Hawaii, where six volunteers are marooned up a mountain in a dress rehearsal for what life will be like when humankind reaches Mars – in particular, how those first isolated pioneers will relate to each other. All episodes have been uploaded at once so you can binge on this fascinating podcast now!

Their own devices

This is a new podcast series by Marc Groman, an Obama White House tech and privacy advisor, and David Reitman, a doctor of adolescent medicine. They have candid discussions about screen time, social media addiction, privacy and other considerations we need to have in mind as parents with children who use tech. I found the episode Screen Time and the Quest for a Healthy Digital Lifestyle really interesting, especially, but I have quickly consumed all the available episodes and I wait for more. Advice and discussion in a non-judgmental fashion about something that is affecting us all as parents in the modern age. This is an issue our parents didn’t experience, and we’re all finding a path in uncharted territories.

If you need some time away from tablets and devices, check out my Pinterest board:Screen-free Play ideas for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

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Adam Buxton Podcast

I’ve been enjoying the Adam Buxton podcasts for a while, particularly the episode where Adam chats to Louis Theroux since they’re clearly good pals. Adam is Adam from Adam and Joe, and he’s got a great tone, easy to listen to, and good humour. I also loved the episode with Roisin Conaty, a British comedian, writer and actor, though I will warn you that if you listen to this one you’ll be longing for them to invent a family loaf-sized Snickers…

Reply All – #130 The Snapchat Thief

One of my favourite podcasts, this episode was particularly worth a listen. If you don’t change some things about your social media use after listening to this episode you’re either very brave or very savvy and don’t need to change anything. If you’re in the latter camp, listen and feel smug. In this episode Lizzie’s Snapchat gets hacked and the investigation reveals that it is scarily easy for people to steal your account, not only because we tend to use pathetically weak passwords, but also because we all rely on our mobile number as the back up or primary method of receiving a code of a reminder or in two-factor authentication. It is shockingly easy for hackers to take over your phone and so they can receive that code to get into your account. Listen to the episode and use the guides in the show notes to make your social media accounts stronger!

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