What I’m listening to – podcasts I’ve been loving – October

What I’m listening to – podcasts I’ve been loving – October

Last month I shared some of my favourite podcasts and music I’d been listening to. I’m going to share some of the best things I’ve heard lately, but I’m going to concentrate on podcasts this month.

The music I have been listening to mostly has been songs that help me focus while I’ve been working. You can find a million playlists on Spotify if you search for “focus” so you’ll soon see the type of tunes I mean if you do want that kind of thing up in your ears.
Last month I had some comments that I’d only linked to Apple podcasts – this time I’m linking to the podcast’s webpage, where you should be able to find the episode I’m on about or see the link to your preferred podcast player.

So, podcasts I’ve loved this month include Reply All. I think I shared one of their episodes last month too, but this one I’ve been raving about. If you know me in real life no doubt I’ll have worn your ears off with this!

Reply All – Episodes #127 and #128 The Crime Machine, parts I and II.

** warning – there are a couple of descriptions of sexual violence in episode #128 **

This is a fascinating tale of the way that one man transformed the way the police forces in New York (and then around the world) reduced crime year on year for 25 years. Using data visualisation to follow and anticipate trends they were able to seriously prevent crimes. However, it began to go wrong, and the data was used in the wrong way for the wrong reasons. Listen and be amazed! I’ve only linked to episode 127 above, but many of the Reply All podcasts are brilliant pieces of journalism.

Mortified podcast

This podcast is pretty funny; grown-ups reading out their journals from when they were teenagers. I enjoyed #144: My First Job, and #146: Three Little Pigs especially. It makes you cringe, laugh and blush. It’s a brilliant reminder that there’s always someone worse off than you, and your teenage years were SO normal!

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Hoovering podcast – Episode 36 – Irene Greenway

Hoovering is a podcast about eating by Jessica Fostekew, in which she has a conversation with someone about and around food.

This episode is especially special because Jessica goes to interview her nana, who is absolutely brilliant. She’s 89 and has done some spectacular things including avoiding incest, the Second World War, and other incredible stuff. I think this is a fantastic basis for any podcast or recording and I urge anyone with grandparents still alive to undertake such a discussion.

Unf*ck your Brain

Treat yourself to this podcast. If you are struggling with having enough friends, self-confidence, people pleasing or any other normal feeling in this “social” age, please do pick up a quick one of these podcasts. Kara has a fabulous voice so that listening to this podcast while having a cuppa, it just feels like a pal is talking sense to you for a bit. Lovely, and challenging (in a good way). Try it; you’ll see what I mean. These podcasts are shorter than many others at around 15 minutes long.

What have you been listening to lately? I’d love some podcast recommendations!

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