What do children’s dreams mean?

What do children’s dreams mean?

Sleep experts at Adjustable Beds teamed up with Ian Wallace – psychologist and dream interpreter – to find out what’s actually going on with children when they sleep.

toddler asleep with mummy
Whether your child is getting a full night’s sleep in their own bed (we can dream!), or falling asleep in your arms in an adjustamatic riser recliner chair, children’s dreams can tell us so much about their minds.
Ian explains some children’s dreams in this video:

It turns out our kids’ crazy stories about their dreams actually have a lot of real life implications!

Lately James has been having fairly bad dreams, and they’ve been keeping us all awake, but he often tells me stories about his dreams the previous night: “Mum! I dreamed about a fairy that flew on a ladybird to the ladybird’s house! And the ladybird’s house was so, so, so, so big and BEAUTIFUL!”

child asleep and dreaming

Once James had a dream about a dinosaur, called Snakey, who used his claw to cut James’ nose. The weird thing was that when James woke up in the morning he actually did have a cut on his nose! Later James had all the children at preschool screaming as he told them what had happened and described Snakey to them all. James was asked how did you get the scratch on your nose? James replied, “Snakey the dinosaur scratched it; he’s a friendly dinosaur”.
James told staff and other children Snakey was at his house, and how he grew from tiny to big, explaining “he was so tiny I could pick him up”. James went on to describe Snakey’s appearance: “he is green with black stripes, he has lots and lots and lots and lots of tails”.
Children and staff were all very intrigued with the stories James has been telling about his friendly dinosaur, Snakey!

I wonder what Ian Wallace would say about James’ dreams.

What do your children dream about?


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