ViralTag Review: The All-in-One Social Media Marketing Tool

ViralTag Review: The All-in-One Social Media Marketing Tool

Bloggers! Do you need an all in one social media scheduler and analytics tool? Of course you do – it makes the whole blogging thing easier! Viraltag is a popular social media marketing tool that can handle almost all your social media accounts from a single dashboard and allows you to schedule multiple posts to all your social media accounts with just one click.

Viraltag social media scheduler review

Social media has the power to make your site go viral and it takes a bit of work to maintain a presence on all the channels at all times. Viraltag can help you schedule posts on various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Things I love about Viraltag are:

  • Being able to post on a number of social media channels.
  • Able to pin on multiple Pinterest Group Boards.
  • Analytics to show the best time when I should publish based on my traffic.
  • That it doesn’t take all my time to be on social media every day
  • Before I waffle on any further, here’s Viraltag’s own video to tell you all about this social media scheduler.

    What is Viraltag?

    Viraltag is a social media marketing tool that can easily manage multiple social media channels for you and helps you schedule posts.

    Something I’ve really struggled with on HootSuite is the lack of visual scheduling for free accounts. Hootsuite also doesn’t support Pinterest, and the interface simply isn’t my friend!

    I have mainly used Viraltag for Pinterest and Instagram as I’ve not had to schedule tweets or Facebook posts during my 15 day trial. Linking your accounts to Viraltag is super easy. I linked up my Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest in less than a minute. Instagram took a little bit longer because I had to download the app and I never have space on my iPhone these days… Anyway, after I’d installed the app I was able to link it to my Instagram account and from then it’s really easy to schedule Instagram posts.

    Viraltag Social Media Scheduling

    Viraltag provides multiple scheduling options which includes Queue Scheduling, Interval Scheduling, and Post Now.

    ​Queue Scheduling: Queue scheduler works as a preset scheduler calendar which enables you to schedule your post for different dates and times for individual social media channels. By default, there are few posting schedule defined which you can freely edit and customize.

    When you post a new pin or image, you have the option to either schedule it to the predefined scheduling time or post on another specific date and time.

    Interval Scheduling: It lets you bypass your existing scheduling timings and publish a new post with desired frequency. You might use this if you were hosting a Twitter chat, for example.

    Also, Interval scheduling doesn’t affect your other schedules, and all other schedules will be published individually.

    Post Now: As the name suggests, this feature allows you to publish something at any given moment. I’m not sure why you might use this, because you’d probably use the native app if you wanted to share something right now? Let me know if I’ve missed something obvious with this one!

    Also, you don’t need to use the same description, image size, or hashtags while scheduling an image, you can change these for different social media channels.


    Another great feature of Viraltag is in-built ‘Explore’ tab which helps you find amazing content and share with your followers without leaving your Viraltag dashboard. Tailwind Publisher does something very similar after you’ve scheduled a pin. There are various categories available which you can choose to find images or alternatively, you can search the targeted keyword to find the related images.
    Viraltag will also put the trending articles under your nose, which is something Klout does, but this is in the same place as all your social networks.
    The explore features is a real time saver when you haven’t got a lot of time to search and share good things. Your readers don’t only want to hear from you (well, they might, but most people want a bit of variety around a theme).

    Built-in Image Editor

    The image editor tool given in Viraltag is integrated with Canva which means you really only need one dashboard for all your social media publishing needs. From within Viraltag you can create beautiful graphics for every social media channel.


    Viraltag has another useful tool called ‘reports’ which gives an overview of how your accounts are performing and which social channel brings in the most traffic.

    ​Every social media channel is represented with a different coloured line, which makes it easy to understand.

    ViralTag Social Media Analytics

    You need to connect your Google Analytics account in order to see these reports.

    Best Time to Post on Social Media

    Below the traffic report section there is another section called “best time to post”​ which gives a visual representation of at what time you should post based on the traffic and user engagements. You can also see the Pinterest specific data using the Pinterest tab. Since I started using a scheduler, my Pinterest engagement, views and repins have all increased by at least 20%. And that’s without any extra effort, because scheduling Pins is really easy using the Viraltag app in Chrome.


    My favourite feature of ​Viraltag is the bulk uploads for evergreen content. Bulk uploads lets you schedule multiple photos, pins, videos, or other files, at once and not have to think about it for an entire month.

    You can use the Viraltag Chrome extension to schedule multiple pins/photos from any given website or you can directly connect it with Google Drive or Dropbox to pull the contents in bulk.


    Right now you can choose from 3 different price plans. The Individual plan (1 user) starts at $29/month if paid monthly, and $24/month if paid annually. You can add up to 10 social profiles with this plan. Recommended for individuals who don’t work in team or use very few social profiles.​

    The next plan is ‘small business’ which ​is priced at $99/month if paid monthly, and $79/month if annually. Here, you can add up to three different users and up to 25 social profiles. Most recommended for team workers and small business owners who might have to handle many social media profiles.

    And the third plan is for ‘Brands’ which is priced at $249+/month and allows 5+ users and 50+ social profiles.

    All the plans comes with ‘unlimited’ scheduling which is great as many other social media marketing tools limit this number.​
    You can ask for a demo of the plans to see how they’ll work for you.

    You don’t need a credit card to sign up for a free account.​

    Bloggers can get Viraltag Free For 6 Months!

    Yes! That’s right – social media scheduling for FREE! Just take that free trial and then write an honest review of Viraltag on your blog and you’ll receive 6 months of the Blogger plan (allows 3 social profiles) for free.

    Let me show you how to find that awesome deal on Viraltag!

    Firstly, go to the “pricing” page.
    six month free for bloggers viraltag
    Scroll way down until you see “Do you offer a discount for bloggers and non-profits?” and click the link right there. After your free 6 months the blogger account costs $12 per month.
    viraltag 6 months free for bloggers

    Social media plays an important role in growing a blog or business. Viraltag makes managing the social media side of things a lot easier.
    ​Join Viraltag* for free if you want to take a test drive and see what Viraltag can do for you. *affiliate link

    What social media marketing tool are you using? Share your experience with it and how it compares with ViralTag.



    1. January 21, 2017 / 6:55 am

      Super helpful review. I’m looking to start scheduling now, especially for twitter. I want something where on twitter, I can set an evergreen piece to go out once a day or whatever infinitely, does this do that? I think I’ll do the review for 6 months, thanks for sharing this, I would never have known! Really informative review.

      • Babyfoote
        January 21, 2017 / 8:19 am

        Yes, this does that. Plus a number of schedules in between. It’s definitely worth a try!

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