Under Armour trainer giveaway!

Under Armour trainer giveaway!

Recently I collaborated with Under Armour over on my Instagram account Underfoote. I was paid to show their leggings and trainers, and I was sent the products, too. However, they sent me the wrong size trainer, and as the parcel had been sent from America, I used some of the fee to buy myself some new trainers so that I could still take part in the Instagram campaign. It was either do that or send the trainers and leggings back at my own cost and forfeit the fee. I didn’t have a lot of time to decide as the parcel arrived a day or two before we left for India, so I just dashed to the shop to pick up some Under Armour trainers. Alas, the shop didn’t have this beautiful blue colour, so I have boring grey trainers! They are Under Armour Drift trainers, for women, and are worth around £55.


However, since I bought my trainers, in the right size, I’ve got these shoes in a UK size 5 just hanging around. They’ve never been worn, and only came out of the box to take these photos. I wonder if you’d like to enter to win them?



Obviously this is totally independent of Under Armour and the PR company I worked with on the Instagram campaign.


I also must make it clear that I only have this colour and size of Under Armour shoe. So if you’re not a UK size 5, either don’t enter, or don’t grumble if you win and the trainers don’t fit, okay?



If you are a size 5 in Under Armour, and would like to enter this prize draw, please enter using the widget below.


Giveaway ends Sunday 20 May 2018. Prize will only be delivered to a UK address. UK entries only. Good luck!

Babyfoote Under Armour trainers giveaway!


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