Trespass 3in1 Blizzard Women’s coat – review

Trespass 3in1 Blizzard Women’s coat – review

Recently I was looking at my coats and realised that my youngest coat is six years old! I have a parka that is nearly 17! I think it’s time to retire my old 3in1 coat, seeing as how it’s now more than seven (although I can remember buying it!). Goodness me – time for a new one! Being outside with the boys means I have become skilled in keeping them warm and dry, so it’s definitely time to help myself do that, too!
Trespass have some fantastic coats for all kinds of weather conditions, but I had a simple checklist when looking through their website. I wanted a warm, waterproof, windproof coat, that doesn’t look like a “ramblers’” coat. Nothing against ramblers – I just don’t need wild colours while running to and from preschool or strolling along the coast.
So I chose the Blizzard Women’s 3 in 1 coat, which is available in two colours. I chose khaki.
Here I am in it:

trespass women's 3in1 coat tynemouth priory
This is a 3in1 coat, with a lovely soft fleecy inner coat that zips into the bigger furry hooded jacket. It is a very practical coat, which feels lightweight and is very warm at once. I love how many pockets it has – two which are at ideal tucked-up-warm position at the chest, and four at the waist (two each side). I can fit all manner of things in these pockets – keys, tissues, Duplo, lip balm, Captain Barnacles…

furry hooded women's 3in1 coat
I read the reviews on the website after ordering, and instantly worried about the sizing until it was delivered. The reviews say that you need to order a size up from your normal size, and I ordered an S (10). However, I need not have worried at all – it fits beautifully, I have good range of movement, and I can fit a baggy hoody underneath without it feeling constricted at all.
It is lovely and waterproof, and when it’s raining I can see the rain beading on the material and running off. I haven’t had to leave it to dry on the radiator, as I did with my previous very old coats.

I really like this coat. The hood is big and covers my whole head easily, even while I’m wearing my hair in a ponytail, which is something some other hoods can’t manage. It also has a little toggle in the hood which will make it stay on if you’re caught in a gale.

hood toggle Trespass woman's 3in1 coat
It must be windproof, because I didn’t feel a chill while walking along the coast, which is often a windy place!

 The sleeves are a really good length. I’ve not got exceptionally long arms, but I quite often can’t just buy long sleeved things without trying them on first. I’ve had no problem with this coat’s arm length – even driving I can’t see wrist!

The inner fleece jacket has great length to the sleeves, and an elasticated wrist, while the outer shell has slightly shorter sleeves, and adjustable cuffs.

I also like the attention to detail, for example the little connector at the collar, which holds the inner and outer coats together at the hook, so you haven’t only got the coats held together by the sleeves, as in other 3in1 coats I’ve tried.

The downside? Well, it’s very minor, but I do like an inside pocket for my phone, especially since I don’t always leave the house with a hand bag. However, there are many other places to put my phone – I’m just used to sliding it in the top inside pocket!

This is a fantastic coat, and I’m happy to recommend it.
I was very kindly sent a 3in1 coat by Trespass for the purposes of this review.



  1. January 27, 2016 / 1:37 pm

    Really thorough review Helena, thank you! I too have a size 10 and am yet to try it on. Fingers crossed it fits as yours did, perfectly. Lizzie xo

    • January 27, 2016 / 1:40 pm

      Do you have the same coat Lizzie? It’s so lovely! I’ll have to come and see how you found it when you write your review 🙂

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