Tonka Power Movers Vehicles – Dump Truck Review

Tonka Power Movers Vehicles – Dump Truck Review

We were sent a Tonka Power Movers Dump Truck vehicle for the purposes of this review. It is a sturdy construction toy with new Motion Drive technology for loads of fun!

Tonka Power Movers Vehicles

There are 4 vehicles in the collection, each one RRP £19.99. There is a Dump Truck, a Cement Mixer, a Front Loader and a Bull Dozer. For the ultimate construction site, you could collect them all!

Tonka Power Movers Dump Truck

These Tonka Power Movers are really fun! We have been playing with a Dump Truck, and it is a really cool rugged vehicle, which features new Motion Drive Technology! Motion Drive Technology means that the action comes to life, with realistic sounds and lights.


Swipe right on this Instagram post to watch a video to see some of the features in action!



The kids can push the vehicle forward to make the engine rev and activate the lights. When they pull the vehicle backwards, the familiar beep! beep! beep! of the reversing sounds can be heard. If you want the dump truck to tip its load, you pull the grey lever on the side to hear hydraulic sounds and flash the lights.

The features activated by the child’s interaction with the vehicle create an engaging and realistic, TONKA tough experience every time they play.

The range was recently awarded GOLD in the 2018 Practical pre-school awards and is available from Amazon *affiliate link*.

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tonka power mover vehicles


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