One little trick to stop kids’ bedtime delays

One little trick to stop kids’ bedtime delays

Ah, bedtimes: the cause of many stressed parents’ nightmares, and sleep-experts’ well-lined pockets. So many nights James manages to delay bedtime with cries of needing to finish this very important Duplo model, of being hungry, of needing a wee, and so on. Just lately he’s started to ask for the light on while he falls asleep, and I’m not a fan of that at all – for me, sleeping in the dark is important. So we have struck a compromise with a little night light.

Litecup avoids two of the common reasons kids give for delaying bedtime in one amazing unit! It offers a night light and no-spill cup in one.
However, I spotted these fabulous little cups that combine two of the possible ways to delay bed time – needing a drink AND needing the light on. The cup is non-spill and so makes an ideal bedside drinks holder. The unit also houses a night light, with a lovely, hopefully comforting, glow.
The light is also pretty clever, because it switches on in the dark, and off when it’s bright in the room, so I’m sure the battery will last a bit longer than the average night light. The valve in the cup means it won’t spill, and can be drunk from while lying down. So no cries of “I’m thirsty!” in the evening, and (more importantly) no shouts for help because his water has leaked everywhere and we need to change his pyjamas and the sheets!
So now we just need someone to invent something that combines “just one more story” with making sure all the toys are in their correct place around the bed. Well, I can dream!

I think the Litecup is perfect for avoiding this tactic at bedtime, and they look like they’d be a good in-the-car or camping cup, too.


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