Tips for Spending Your First Christmas Abroad

Tips for Spending Your First Christmas Abroad

Are you planning on spending your first Christmas abroad? There is no denying that spending the festive period in another country can be slightly strange, but it can be just as magical. It is important to ensure it feels like Christmas for your children, even though you may be staying in a villa or a hotel room. Read on to discover some top tips to help you out.

Dealing with the present dilemma

– There is only one place to begin, and this is with presents! If you are going abroad for Christmas, you will only be able to take a suitcase worth of stuff per person, unless you pay for more, of course. This will mean that presents are limited, which can be a bit of an issue when it comes to Christmas breaks with toddlers. Explain to them that Santa delivers most of your gifts to your home, however, he’s done a quick pit stop to make sure they had something to open on Christmas day seen as they have been good children all year. You can deliver this information in a handwritten letter from ‘Santa.’ Explain that this means they are effectively going to have two Christmases, which they are assured to be excited about.

Embrace the weather

– If you are going to a sunny destination for Christmas, you may feel a bit conflicted. After all, this is the complete opposite to the White Christmas you usually associated with this time of year. However, rather than being hostile to the sun, embrace it. How often is it that you get to have sunshine in December? Go to the beach, jump in the pool, and enjoy it!

Bring some Christmas decorations with you

– Yes, you may not have a lot of room in your suitcase, but a bit of tinsel won’t take up much room or weight. And, a bit of tinsel can definitely go a long way when it comes to making your holiday accommodation feel festive. You should also see if you could buy some Christmas decorations once you arrive. Don’t spend a fortune, as you will have to leave most decorations behind, and your kids will hardly notice the difference between a snowman costing a few pounds or an expensive one.

Explore the holidays where you are

– It’s still going to be Christmas Day no matter where in the world you are, so explore the traditions in the place you are visiting. You and your children will have a lot of fun finding up what other people get up to at this time of year. Spreading the holiday cheer is infectious in any country or location.

So there you have it: some top tips for those that are planning on spending their Christmas overseas. You are bound to have a Christmas to remember for years and years to come, and with the advice mentioned above, it will be for all of the right reasons.


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