Tidy time

About ninety minutes ago, James asked to watch Team Umizoomi, his current obsession. I agreed to put his favourite show on the TV, as soon as he put his Duplo away. 

Ninety minutes later, he is still rolling around the floor, occasionally picking up blocks, and generally still playing. He’s happy enough, but definitely not tidying. 

It’s heading up to dinner time; I won’t serve his food until the blocks are away. So he has to tidy up at some point. Especially since he keeps telling me he’s so hungry. 

It is so frustrating! This little boy used to be first in there tidying, but now he says he can’t or just ignores my requests to tidy up. 

I think the term “threenager” is totally relevant!

What do you do to get your kids to tidy? 


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