Things to do in Azores, Portugal

Things to do in Azores, Portugal

Nine volcanic islands scattered in the Atlantic about 1,300 km (850 mi) west of continental Portugal, the Azores represent one of Europe’s most remote holiday destinations.

The islands in this archipelago retain much of their isolated feel, each one boasting its own distinct culture, dialect, and cuisine. Long overlooked by even the most adventurous travellers, the islands now surprise a growing number of visitors with their lavish natural beauty, good roads, and hospitable towns providing comfortable accommodation and modern amenities.

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How to get to the Azores

You can fly direct to the Azores from Manchester, Bristol or London from the UK. Flights from Manchester to João Paulo II Airport are often on offer at around £40-100 return per person.
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When is the best time to visit the Azores?

November to March corresponds to winter time and to the rainy season in Azores. Even though temperatures don’t drop considerably, this is not a good time to travel if you don’t want to get wet.

Summer (June to September) offers very warm air and seawater temperatures. This is a good time of year to visit the Azores if you want to take part in outdoor activities – hiking, surfing or paragliding for example.

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Things to do in Azores

Best things to do in Azores

Dolphin and whale watching

Cruise into the Azores in search of the region’s marine life with a dolphin- and whale-watching tour from Ponta Delgada. These guided excursions allow you to navigate between volcanic islands with the help of an experienced local crew.

Gorreana Tea Plantation

One of only two tea plantations in Europe, this is a free tour. There is a little museum and a tour of Gorreana tea plantation. See where the tea is dried from green to black leaves, and buy some to enjoy when you’re home.

Go diving the Azores

Snorkel or dive the sea around the area of Terceira with Arraia Divers who offer a range of PADI courses as well as day dives. Warmed by the nutrient-rich currents of the sub-tropical Gulf Stream, the unique geography provides the perfect home for a huge array of smaller fish as well as several large marine species. There are five kinds of sea turtle, over 24 different species of cetaceans and about 600 types of fish, including large schools of pelagic fish, several species of sharks, graceful manta and devil rays as well as friendly dusky groupers.

Enjoy a natural spa

Relax in a rock-lined mineral bath, or check out the geysers and bubbling mud at Furnas, a volcanic village best known for its thermal pools and other geological attractions. Located on the island of Sao Miguel, the town features a large lake in the centre, surrounded by the crater’s steep sides.

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