The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends

The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends
The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends aims to teach kids all about the world around them. We were sent a few of their learning resources to review and have some to giveaway too. Head to the end of this post to find out how to enter.

‘Helping children discover the world, its people, countries and environments
through fun facts, activities, illustrations and more!’
The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends is a free education platform for children to learn about the world around them. It does not have a political or social bias, and so it allows children to get an impartial look into the world. Archibold Clutterbuck and his friends take children on a virtual journey through all the seven continents, exploring amazing countries, meeting incredible people, and having wonderful Worldly Adventures.

Archibold Clutterbuck world map boy pointing

The map is a wonderfully illustrated, large glossy resource for learning about the world. James pointed out where England was, and then spotted an elephant on one of the countries. “I think we’ve been there?” he asked, “is it India?” I agreed, and then he asked where Grandad lives. I pointed out Spain, while he commented on the size of the countries. We had a lovely discussion about the world, and the places we’ve been to. James wondered if we’ll see any cowboys while we’re in California, since the illustrated men on the USA are not quite in that state.

Archibold Clutterbuck journal and website on mobile famous landmarks


I like that The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends is not a subscription service. It would make an ideal Christmas or birthday present because it’s complete. You can buy the “souvenirs” for your young adventurer in the online shop, and then follow your child’s interests as they explore the world, at their own pace, in a child-led adventure. There are also lots of free activity printables such as crosswords, word searches and colouring sheets to test your child’s knowledge (and yours!).

Archibold Clutterbuck world map and journal

James has approached the journal as a series of challenges. He read a few of the pages and settled on his first challenge – to draw some of the famous landmarks. He started with the Eiffel tower (see how he drew the light on the top?) and then suggested he could draw the Taj Mahal, which we visited earlier this year. After a moment he asked if I had a picture to help his memory so he’d get it right, and I quickly hopped on to The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck website. There, one of Archibold’s friends Kaia had visited the Taj Mahal and had written some information about it as well as a photo.

James drew the Taj Mahal, and then said, “I’m going to colour the water in, like in the picture here, but there wasn’t any water while we were there. But that’s ok.”

Archibold Clutterbuck world map

Next, we talked about the seven continents of the world, as the journal is broken down into continents, and gives facts about each one. Later, when Rob arrived home, James was telling him lovely little facts about the continents, and quizzing his dad to see if he knew the answers… he didn’t!

If you would also like to have a child who is excited to learn about the world, please head over to my Instagram and join in the prize draw by following me and Archibold Clutterbuck, then leave me a comment with a famous landmark – hint – there are two mentioned in this post above!


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We love that this platform brings the world to life and is free! I suspect it’s ideal for home educators although it’s wonderful for children to learn more about the world around them. The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends is aimed at children aged 7-12 years old, though James, at six, has enjoyed using the resources too.

Buy some resources from the website Archibold Clutterbuck shop
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