Tatton Hall – Old Farm

Tatton Hall – Old Farm

Last week we visited Tatton Hall’s Old Farm, which is somewhere I distinctly remember from school trips as a child. I can close my eyes and clearly see the pigs in the pens, and some of my school friends wearing wellies as we all waited for something outside.

Our visit with the boys was on a really wet and miserable day. Rob didn’t have a proper coat, having just landed from his week in Egypt, and so he had to dig his pacamac out of the car. He must’ve been freezing, but for once he didn’t grumble too much!

We walked down the track to the farm. There is a land train to take you if you can’t or don’t want to walk down the track, according to some signs, but we couldn’t see it after a very, very brief look. tatton hall old farm building with traditional farm sign

National Trust members get in half price, so it was £6 for both me and Rob, obviously free for the boys.

James really liked these birds strutting around the yard. “Hello chickens, I’m James”, he said, while trying desperately to stroke their tails. He did manage a few little pats, which made him really happy, and hopefully didn’t worry them too much.

Then on to the pig shed. it was exactly as I remembered it, even down to the colour of the pigs! happy pig at tatton old traditional farm This pig had such a lovely smile on her face. Her piglets were happy and snoozing in a heap on top of each other. James signed ‘pig’ to Noah, then pointed out the ‘milks’ for the piglets. I think Noah is more interested in mine, but good to know James understands about animals drinking milk from their mums!

And this piggy was snoring rather heavily “like Daddy”! I think she was called Pigwig, and I remember her babies are due this week. I don’t blame her for catching some shut eye before they arrive!

Back outside we saw some very fancy goats, and some extremely pretty hens. Their feathers were amazingly intricate, but apparently I was so awestruck I didnt take any photos. Here’s a rooster, instead.
rooster at tatton farm

Then it really started to rain. We ducked inside the play barn so James could peddle about on a tractor or five for a while.  tractor in the play barn at tatton farm  Meanwhile, Noah has just started clapping, and he just loves to clap at every opportunity. He wakes up in the middle of the night to clap then goes back to sleep, he applauds his milk (yes, he claps while feeding – it’s quite a sight), and also whenever he hears music. So cute.

Into the milking shed, where apparently I am a dab hand at milking cows, but Rob and James struggled on for a while, before declaring it womens’ work (Rob, obviously, not James!).
milking cows at tatton farm

Then we basically did the same thing on repeat until we decided it was time to go! After seeing the horses, we washed our hands and wandered back up the track.

There was a brilliant Christmas Fayre on the grounds, too, so we were able to pick up some brilliant bargains for the boys’ presents. I really wish I’d had phone signal in there because I had no idea just how bargainous everything was until we got home.  We’d have done birthdays too!

We had a lovely time at Tatton Farm; though, I think there were lots of activities we didn’t try that would have made the entry price much more reasonable. I think the weather (and Rob not having a proper coat over his short sleeved tshirt) played a big part in that – winter is coming!

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  1. November 21, 2015 / 2:59 pm

    It looks like you all had a great time exploring the grounds at Tatton Hall Farm. Kids love getting the hands on experience of visiting farm, and Tatton Hall has a great range of animals for the kids to meet and learn about. James looks like hes having a great time and it’s so sweet that he was signing things to Noah so that he could understand what was happening too. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  2. November 24, 2015 / 1:36 am

    One of my favourite farms as just up the road for me and great to visit Tatton at this time of year when things are getting festive. Cute pigs, I am rather fond of them.

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