Take a Toddler to Yoga

Take a Toddler to Yoga

Yesterday Noah and I went to the pilot of a new yoga class. It was crazy, funny, and brilliant. I can definitely recommend it.

When I was pregnant with Noah I went to Caireen’s pregnancy yoga sessions at Great Park. I honestly think that using the techniques for controlling my breathing and simply remembering to keep my shoulders relaxed and down, which Caireen covers in her classes, helped me to give birth to Noah without any painkillers.

When I saw Caireen was considering these sessions with toddlers I was immediately keen. I do occasionally do some yoga at home with the boys; James copies me, while Noah usually giggles and lies on the floor with his arms and legs lifted up. Hilarious. Caireen (below) obviously gets similar random responses to her doing yoga!

caireen hart bring a toddler to yoga classes in newcastle upon tyneSigning up for class was via an app, called Glofox. You have to create an account and then book and pay for the Bring A Toddler To Yoga class via the app. I made the whole process more complicated because I was looking for the class under the section titled “Classes”, whereas it’s actually listed under “Courses”. There, that just saved you puzzling for five minutes.

The sessions are held in Yoga Therapies in Heaton. The building is really easy to find and isn’t too far from Chillingham Road, so there are plenty of places to stop in for an early lunch or coffee afterwards.

Caireen teaches Hatha yoga. She specialises in pregnancy and postnatal yoga which she found invaluable when she had her two children. She knows what it is like to be a busy mum and her Bring a Toddler to Yoga class is designed to give you some time to strengthen, stretch and tone your body without having to worry about childcare.

The room was ready for toddlers with Duplo, animals, dolls and other toys. We laid out our mats and got on with the yoga! I think this was such a lovely session because the last time I was in Caireen’s class, Noah was in my belly, and it was so pleasing to have him in the room while I heard the same words and went through familiar exercises. Seeing one toddler looking at her, Caireen asked, “Do you remember my voice?” and I think that’s a really fab consideration.

Around me there was a small level of chaos as we went through our sun salutations. Toddlers shouted, played, cried while towers fell down, and Noah ran for the door a couple of times when he realised he could reach the handle. Other toddlers copied downward dog and arm stretches. I did occasionally cuddle and pick Noah up, as he needed, and of course talk to him about the toys he brought over. As we got to the relaxation section of the session, a jelly snake was dropped on my forehead while I was lying down, eyes closed. A unique yoga class!

buddha at yoga therapies in heaton newcastle upon tyneWe covered the “bumblebee breath” today which is designed to be a very calming noise and controls breathing while you make a gentle humming noise for the whole of the out-breath. Noah sat on my knees at this point and joined in. I used to do this humming when he was a little baby with reflux, hoping to calm him, and I think I should’ve kept it up, because he was very still while everyone was being a bumblebee.

Caireen is smiley, friendly, and you don’t need to worry if you don’t know anybody else in the room. You also don’t need to worry about not knowing yoga, or not being very bendy. This is a fantastic class which will suit beginners and what better than a session you can take your toddler to? It shows them exercise, relaxation techniques, and a level of socialisation as well.

Classes cost £8 (toddlers go free!) and you can book via the Yoga Theraphies website here: http://yogatherapies.co.uk/classes



  1. Caireen Hart
    September 30, 2016 / 6:07 am

    Thank you for your fab review Helena. It was lovely to see you & to meet Noah too. I’m glad you enjoyed it & thank you for spreading the word. I’ll see you at the next one xx

  2. September 30, 2016 / 8:13 am

    This sounds fab, I am not really a yoga person. But when i had Sophia we went to baby and then toddler yoga and I loved it. She is so flexible now and I put that down to yoga when she was little. X

  3. October 2, 2016 / 10:13 pm

    Oh I so would love for a class like this to be nearby.

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