Why do (even Itty Bitty) superheroes wear capes?

Why do (even Itty Bitty) superheroes wear capes?

We love superheroes. We are superheroes. Noah wears a cape and a mask about 80% of his waking day, most days. James doesn’t need such things to be Wonder James at any given moment. I’ve already told you about my superpowers (but you can read more about them here). So when Hallmark told us they would be sending us a superhero box, I didn’t tell the boys because I knew there’d be daily questions about where was it, and when would it be coming (Spoiler alert: tracking a parcel that hasn’t been posted yet is not one of my superhero powers). Safe to say they were excited when it arrived, and even more thrilled when they saw what was inside.

Itty Bitty Justice League

We are so excited that all the Justice League Itty Bittys now live in our house. They are cute little plush toys, caricatures of the real life superheroes, with the details just right. Each one is instantly recognisable as the superhero character, but is extra cute.

Noah, especially, loves the Itty Bittys. They are the perfect size for grabbing 3 or 4 and insisting that they all go with him to nursery. Itty Bittys are also snuggly and soft, and just right for adding to the mound of friends to accompany him to bed.

We were also sent some capes and masks, and a load of glue and stickers. This was, like, the boys ultimate parcel. Saturday morning has never been so much fun.

It took a week for the glitter glue to dry, and when it did, oh boy, these kids were so excited to be able to wear their customised masks and capes.

In fact, you can see just how keen they were because they are both still in pyjamas, and Noah has fruit all over his chin. After I’d persuaded them that superheroes wear daytime clothes, not nightwear, James dashed to demonstrate his super speed at getting dressed.

All week we’ve had conversations about what superheroes do or don’t do. “Batman doesn’t brush his teeth, Mummy!” Noah exclaimed one day, trying his luck. Hmmm, really? Well why does he have such a good smile then? Later, “Super Girl doesn’t go to bed, Mummy!”

And then we began to wonder why superheroes wear capes. We wondered why Iron Man can fly but doesn’t wear a cape, when all the other Itty Bittys we have only fly if they wear a cape. And then of course, there’s Batman, who doesn’t really fly, but falls with style. So superheroes are constantly on the boy’s minds, it seems, whether to get out of doing something, or gaining extra points for helping out and doing it. It’s really fun living in a family of superheroes! We’re #strongertogether!

For extra fun, here’s a video of why superheroes don’t wear capes. Something for Superman and Wonderwoman to consider.



  1. March 24, 2018 / 7:15 am

    Totally relate! My son and I watched The Incredibles too although I’m not sure if he had understood that “no to capes” scene yet. Heroes should definitely consider my fashion motto: comfort over style! 🙂

    • babyfoote
      March 24, 2018 / 7:18 am

      That’s a fantastic motto!

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