Summer style tips

Summer style tips

It looks like summer in the UK has arrived! (Maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud?!) With summer and the rising temperatures comes a need to change up my usual wardrobe of jeans/trousers and a top. I always reach for a dress when it’s getting really hot outside because there is no better way to feel summery and cool.

Here are my top four style tips for staying cool when it’s heating up:
[dropcap type=”circle”] 1 [/dropcap] Wear natural materials where possible

Cotton, or bamboo will help you stay cool on sticky warm days, and stop you getting that “uh-oh, my antiperspirant is failing” feeling.

Linen is also a great material for summer because it’s a breathable fabric, but slightly more structured than cotton making it a bit more versatile if you need to look smart. Silk is a great choice too, because it’s so thin and natural, but you have to take care when cleaning it and it can show the sweat marks a little too keenly.

[dropcap type=”circle”] 2 [/dropcap] Make your whole wardrobe work!

Some of the things you wore to layer up in the winter will make great summer clothes. How? By doing a bit of tailoring (either yourself or using a local tailor) you can give items a new lease of life. Trousers can be turned into shorts – I love a city short look – or you could crop a long blazer into a cute jacket to wear over a summer dress. Or maybe you were smart and already layered vests and thin t-shirts so you already have your summer sorted.

JD Williams wrap effect dress

I was asked by JD Williams if I wanted to try a dress and shoes from their range, and I selected this vibrantly printed wrap-effect dress. Because who doesn’t feel like they need something new to wear when the seasons are changing?! This dress is perfect for the wedding season with its vivid print, wrap style design and figure enhancing shape.

jd williams wrap effect dress
I noticed that this dress is very nearly two for the price of one – just a little unpicking of the label and a safety pin here or there would give you a plain navy dress with a colourful, slim, piping at the neckline. Unfortunately the dress doesn’t fit me, so only that one photo. 

[dropcap type=”circle”] 3 [/dropcap]Keep your feet cool

It’s not the most pleasant of facts, but our feet get a bit forgotten in winter, and in summer can be smelly and swell up if they’re not looked after. So, go on, treat yourself to a manicure! Failing that, at least have a go of the rough skin on your feet at home.

lotus wedge sparkle sandals summer jd williamsYou should, again, try to wear footwear made from natural materials like leather, canvas, and suede. But sensible shoes are not always what you want to wear!! Sometimes you want an inexpensive, trendy shoe like these because, well, why not?! The wedge and sparkles are really fun, and they allow feet to feel a bit cooler.

[dropcap type=”square or circle”] 4 [/dropcap]Drink lots of water!

It sounds a bit crazy to include this tip in a style post, but staying hydrated will help you feel much better in the heat. You’ll also feel thinner, and swell less, so your clothes will fit that bit better. I love this bottle with a juicer attachement at the bottom, to make delicious, fruity water.

What are your style tips for keeping cool in summer?



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