Stickle Bricks — a timeless classic [Review]

Stickle Bricks — a timeless classic [Review]

Do you remember Stickle Bricks? I don’t know if I had some Stickle Bricks at home when I was little, but I certainly remember playing with them! The spiny little plastic shapes that you can stick together and stack, build and play with are just as fun now as they ever were.

Stickle Bricks first launched in 1969 and have been a toy box favourite for decades. Stickle Bricks remains the perfect first construction toy for toddlers! They provide endless imaginative fun and promote the best in development of dexterity with their easy-to-hold bricks that lock together any way they like

When I was offered the Stickle Bricks Little Builder tub and others for the purposes of this review I couldn’t refuse the chance to introduce Stickle Bricks to my children!

Stickle Bricks Review

We were sent the following tubs of Stickle Bricks to review:

  • Little Builder – is the ideal start to a toddler’s collection. Combining a variety of different coloured and shaped bricks, children can stick, stack and construct!
  • Farm Set – has special farm-themed pieces and offers endless play opportunities! The farms set includes animal pieces, a farmer and a tractor with moving wheels!
  • Fun Tub – is full of assorted colourful bricks and is perfect for young builders with grand designs in mind! Doubling as a handy storage container, it’s perfect for little hands with big imaginations!
  • Can you still buy Stickle Bricks?

    Yes! Stickle Bricks are still going strong thanks to Flair. The next generation can enjoy building and learning with this classic toy. Stickle Bricks are available from Argos and Amazon.

    The bricks are so tactile, you just want to pick them up and rub them between your fingers. I can vividly remember one of the key rules about Stickle Bricks from when I was younger – they might look like a brush but do not use them in your hair! I don’t have any tips on getting Stickle Bricks out of hair; I think everyone must have obeyed the rule!

    stickle bricks toys on floor two boys playing

    The Stickle Bricks Fun Tub is a great set suitable for children aged 18 months old and above. The red tub is perfect for storing all your Stickle Bricks and has a handle so little ones can easily carry the bucket around with them. There are 69 bricks in the set, including a base plate, so straight away you have plenty of bricks to start making and creating.

    stickle bricks tractor

    Stickle Bricks are easy to fit together or take apart. For a toddler they are fantastic for developing the small muscles in young children’s fingers and hands as they play and build with them. Finding out how to fit the bricks together and take them apart takes concentration and dexterity and helps children to develop their focus as well as their imagination.

    boy building a stickle brick tractor

    stickle brick farm animals

    The Stickle Bricks farm set is full of different shapes that can make fences, a tractor and a farmer. There are also several farm animals in a good variety of bright colours. The pieces are all fairly large and robust, so they are easy for little hands to pick up and play with and there aren’t any small, fiddly, little pieces to worry about. A brilliant detail about the Stickle Brick Farm set is that the lid of the tub becomes the field!

    The variety of bricks in the Stickle Bricks Little Builder tub means that you can make almost anything: a garden of flowers; a robot; a giant sandwich; lollipops; cars and aeroplanes. We loved the face pieces and the boys made giants with the bricks before discovering they could make tools, like a saw!

    These Stickle Bricks collections from Flair are ideal first construction toys for toddlers and one that I am sure we will continue to play with over and over again, for years to come.

    three tubs of stickle bricks in a row

    Stickle Bricks are available from Argos and Amazon.


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