Spy Code Operation: Escape Room game Review

Spy Code Operation: Escape Room game Review

We were sent this game Spy Code Operation: Escape Room for the purposes of this review. It is a fantastic family game for children who like puzzles and an element of pressure! This interactive game tests your spy skills by challenging you to complete 3 exciting tasks in order to set a captured player free from the timer belt before time runs out. The gameplay includes a test of skill, strategy and luck and offers different levels of difficulty so that kids and adults can play over and over.

What’s in the box?

Included in the box: a Timer strap, a Skill Key Cage, a Strategy Quiz Master with 45 puzzle cards and a Lucky Spinner, 2 sticks and 3 keys. The pieces of the cage and spinner need to be assembled.
Not included: 2 AAA batteries.

What is the mission?

You have three challenges to complete before the timer runs out. The person (or thing) with the timer strapped to them is stuck forever (not really) if you don’t finish the mission in time!

James quickly strapped himself to the chair and then realised that he would have preferred to play the game so we had to wriggle him out and pop it over Noah’s head to trap him. The instructions offer the options to trap an item and if the children don’t get it free before the time runs out then they don’t get to try again until the next night, or even next week… that’s one way of getting rid of the iPad for a week…!

trapped in operation escape room game

First of all you have to get a key out of a cage. There’s a maze on each side of the cage, each with increasing difficulty. Spin the spinner to see which on you have to solve, and use the stick to pull the key from the top.

operation escape room game getting the key out the skill key cage maze

Next up is the Quiz Master. There are 45 cards. The green cards are the easiest, the yellow are slightly harder puzzles and the red ones are more tricky. The puzzles are mazes, sums, or spot the odd one out type questions. Using the key from the cage, you twist it in the tube of the quiz master and then answer questions on the cards. Each correct answer pushes the next key 1/3 out. Answer 3 puzzles correctly and you get the key for the next part of the challenge!

operation escape room game reading a quiz master card

operation escape room game green card

Using the key from the Quiz Master you play a game of luck! Spin the spinner and open 3 slots to see if you’ve found the key. Finally you grab the key to insert it in the timer belt and free your friend!

operation escape room game

operation escape room game getting freed

Operation: Escape Room Review

We have found Operation: Escape Room to be a really fun family game. The boys have played this about 20 times already and we only received it last night! SO fun, and educational too. A big thumbs up from us! You can buy it from Smyths for just £19.99 – one to put on the next gift list!


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