Spilly spoon

Spilly spoon

James is not feeling too well today. He’s running a temperature, and we are alternating ibuprofen with paracetamol to try to keep the fever down.

Meanwhile, he’s sleeping and only wakes to ask for a cuddle.

So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a product that comes into its own at times like this.

Spilly Spoon

It is called a Spilly Spoon and looks like a caterpillar. You pour the medicine inside and can put it flat on a surface without fear of spilling sticky medicine everywhere. Your child can then feed themselves the medicine. Fabulous.

spilly spoon, which children can feed themselve their own medicine - perfect for baby-led weaners

We did baby led weaning with James, and the idea of holding him down to squirt a syringe of drugs into his mouth has never appealed and felt at complete odds with being baby led. The Spilly Spoon is great for this. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who has a self-feeding child!

I think the only downside is cleaning the spoon. I didn’t bottle feed James, so don’t have a brush with a long thin bristled part just lying around the house. I figure that’s what you really need. So I tend to pour boiling water inside a few times to try to get rid of the sticky medicine, then hand wash it with the pots later.

I received no incentives for writing this post – I just wanted to share how great we’ve found this product to be!
However, I am linking to their website so you can check them out too!

If you buy using this Amazon link, I will get a few pennies from them (but you pay the advertised price for your Spilly Spoon!)


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