Soggy Doggy’s Friend – Dizzy – Review

Soggy Doggy’s Friend – Dizzy – Review

We were sent one of Soggy Doggy’s Friends for the purposes of this review – Dizzy! This little pup loves to walk, cuddle and snore! We have one Dizzy to giveaway – see the bottom of this post for more information!

When we unpacked the parcel, Noah wasn’t feeling too well, but he soon perked up when he spotted one of Soggy Doggy’s Friends in the box! “It’s Soggy Doggy!” he shouted, although we were surprised to hear that he recognised it. Pleased to have a slightly more lively child than we had for the past couple of days, we quickly unwrapped the packaging.

And then we discovered it wasn’t very easy to get the pup out of the packaging at all! You need a small Phillips screwdriver to take two red pillars from under the dog. Keep hold of the screwdriver and insert 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Apologies for the blurred image above – Dizzy loves to go for a walk and his whole body jiggles as he moves!


Soggy Doggy’s Friend Dizzy Review

Dizzy feels rather odd. Like a stress reliever toy or something like that. The fur is soft, but the body underneath is hard. Noah liked to stroke Dizzy.

When you first turn Dizzy on, he makes sounds just like a real dog. If you leave him alone for 30 seconds then Dizzy will go back to sleep and snore! This was Noah’s favourite feature.

soggy doggy friend dizzy

There’s a small hidden button on Dizzy’s back – feel for it and hold it down just after you switch on the pup; he’ll make cute noises when you cuddle him.

If you press the button quickly, Dizzy will bark and yap and his little legs will get moving! Attach his lead and take him for a walk to watch his wonderful wiggle.


soggy doggy friend dizzy under hand

Enter to win one of these fab toys! Soggy Doggy’s Friends Dizzy would make a great Christmas or birthday present for a 3- or 4-year-old!

Win a Soggy Doggy’s Friends Dizzy

Giveaway of Soggy Doggy’s Friends Dizzy ends on 25th November 2018 at 11:59 pm. UK entries only, please. Good luck!


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