Snow Bear – Hearthside Tales

Snow Bear – Hearthside Tales

Today we went to see a performance of the Snow Bear at St Mary’s Heritage Centre in Gateshead.

It was absolutely magical, from beginning to end. It had James enchanted. The performance was a little over an hour long.

snow bear at st marys heritage centre gateshead

The players were fantastic, and the show was so funny. It was really entertaining for adults and children. The advert said it was suitable for ages 4-7, and I was told that you don’t have to pay for under-4s if they sit on your knee, but I had bought a ticket for James anyway.

James watching the Snow Bear performance

James sat very still for most of the performance. Then he moved forwards for a better look. So although he is much younger than the age they thought it would suit best, he loved it.

the king on the stage in a performance of the Snow Bear

There was singing, puppetry, musical instruments, and a good amount of audience participation. The tale was amusing and interesting. The telling of the story was brilliant, and these actors had us all captivated for the length of the show.

model village at st marys heritage centre for a show of the Snow Bear

We’d definitely recommend this play for all ages, especially those who can sit still for an hour. There is plenty of interaction and the songs are memorable, as well as the performance.  It was a really great way to feel Christmassy without having to visit another Santa – I feel like if we see too many it will spoil the idea of a special Santa. We’ll look out for either another Snow Bear show next year, or whatever these brilliant actors are doing!


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