Smart Globe Adventure by Oregon Scientific – with Augmented Reality – Review

Smart Globe Adventure by Oregon Scientific – with Augmented Reality – Review

I was sent this Oregon Scientific Smart Globe for the purposes of this review. The model I was sent is the Adventure globe with augmented reality – this review is of the Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Adventure AR. It retails at around £50 – £60 and is the model with the little map of the United Kingdom on the base.

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Adventure AR

We try to show our children lots of the world – they’ve been to Thailand, India, the United States and lots of Europe already though they are only young. But realising the way those places fit into the world isn’t easy for little minds! We have a map on the wall in the boys’ bedroom, but of course, the world isn’t flat, and so a globe is a really good way of noticing the way the countries fit together.

oregon scientific smart globe adventure ar in box

With Oregon Scientific Interactive SmartGlobes, kids can travel millions of miles with just a touch of a special pen. I have kept this globe for a Christmas present because I’m sure the boys will love exploring a whole world of learning, unlocking facts galore and taking on fun games and challenges.

oregon scientific united states of america smart globe

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Activities

The globe alone is a really good resource – you can see it has the states marked out on the United States, and occasional landmarks around the world.

However, the Smart Globe comes with a pen attached, with which you can complete challenges and discover facts about various places. Touch the pen to one of the words on the base and then listen while you find out the challenge.

Oregon scientific smart globe base united kingdom close up

oregon scientific smart globe pen to globe europe

Some of the challenges include finding a number of places in a set period of time, or finding the capital city of the country as it is read out. I didn’t find the pen to be super sensitive, and occasionally I ran out of time because the pen just wouldn’t agree I’d touched the right country or city. This could be frustrating!

The option to pause the challenge is a great feature – I can see that coming in handy! When the Oregon Scientific Smart Globe is first switched on out of the box, it is quite loud, but fortunately, there are volume buttons too.

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe 3D Augmented Reality Technology

This Adventure Smart Globe also has the latest 3D augmented reality technology, which is really cool! You need to download a special app and then you point the phone camera towards the globe. When it asks you to scan the globe, don’t worry that you’ve chucked the box in the recycling already – it literally does mean to scan the globe!

augmented reality on smart phone map

Straight away, when you scan the smart globe, animals begin to walk across the globe, and birds fly in the sky! If you get closer to a country, an animal from that place appears on the screen. You can tap that animal for more information on the creature!

augmented reality smart globe with creatures on the earth oregon scientific adventure

The app can also be used away from the globe, and there are additional quizzes and learning opportunities there. A character named Patrick will lead you through your adventures around the world.

The Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Adventure AR is going to be a brilliant addition to any home, especially one with curious minds! I imagine it to be a massive hit at Christmas time, and for the rest of the year.


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