Simple winter crafts you can make with your toddler

Simple winter crafts you can make with your toddler

Winter is coming, and with it comes cold weather, dark evenings, and children stuck indoors who need entertaining! Here are some fun and – perhaps more importantly – simple crafts you can make with your toddler.

This is a guest post from Jess, who blogs about politics, family life, and historical true crime (as well as crafts and many other topics) over at Babi a Fi.

With my own toddler refusing to play ball, I roped in a miniature accomplice to help demonstrate:


The first craft we tried out was what I like to call Snowman Mix & Match. You will need a few sheets of plain printer paper, some pens, and any other craft embellishments you would like to utilise. Because that’s the great thing about this craft, it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. I went for the simple option and just divided each piece of paper into three, and in each section drew a snowman part; hat, head, and body.

Snowman Mix and Match

That done, I cut across the dividing lines and, hey presto, one game of mix and match! You can use the game to talk about expressions (e.g. find the happy face), colours, or whichever distinguishing feature you would like to focus on.

snowman mix and match game

After that we tried out a few other mini crafts –

Snowman Craft
Snowy Snowman

What you need: Paper, pen / paint, glue, cotton wool balls.
Instructions: Draw or paint a large snowman on the paper, with or without the help of your toddler. Use the glue to stick cottom wool balls around the outline – this will help your child’s fine motor skills, and appeal to their intrinsic love of the messy and sticky.


mitten handprint
Mitten Handprint

What you need: Paper, pen / paint, scissors. (Optional – glue, cotton wool balls, string.)
Instructions: Draw a big chunky mitten, cut it out and, if you feel like it, decorate with a fluffy border and add a piece of string to hang it up for display. Then you have two options – either paint up your child’s hand for a handprint or, if you’re not in the mood for mess, just draw around the outline of their hand.


Toilet Roll Snowman
Toilet Roll Snowman

What you need: Toilet roll tube, cotton wool, glue, scissors, pens / paint, paper, embellishments (optional).
Instructions: Take a toilet roll tube and stick cotton wool all over it. Alternatively, you could paint it white, or glue strips of toilet paper to it. Paint / draw / stick a face and buttons to it, and use twigs or cardboard to form arms. You can use paper to make a hat, or a strip of paper and pom poms to create ear muffs.


Toilet Roll Snowman the Second

What you need: Toilet roll tubes, cotton wool, glue, scissors, pens / paint, paper, embellishments (optional).
Instructions: The concept it much the same as the snowman above, but this time you’re using multiple toilet roll tubes. Cut them so that they graduate in length, decorate them, and then stick them together to make the snowman. You can finish off with hats, arms, scarfs, or whatever else takes your fancy!

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    awww some fab yet simple ideas!

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