Scholl Express Pedi – review

Ok, when I was sent this Scholl Express Pedi to review I was thrilled, and Rob was really jealous. Like reeeeaaaaalllly jealous. He had just bought a rival, and quite frankly, inferior, version of the foot polisher, and his eyes went super green when I opened the parcel. His version didn’t have “diamond crystals” or even much power, to be honest! 

 scholl express pedi foot care  
I wear flip flops all the time, and although my feet aren’t super nasty, they aren’t soft and baby smooth either. Somewhere between. scholl express pedi machine  
I do have a bit of a foot care routine: About once a week I generally scrub away at my feet with a foot file, and use a wet scrub out of a pot. I like NailsInc foot scrub – you don’t need a lot and it does a great job. I also use NailsInc Mexican Lime foot moisturiser – literally a pea size amount is enough. I will be so sad when the tube runs out because you can’t buy it anymore. 

Now, this is a foot polisher, and so I duly set about taking ‘before’ photos of my feet. 

Then I actually used the machine on my heels. I was a bit disappointed, if I’m honest. It didn’t magically eradicate all my hard skin, so I switched my brain to ‘project mode’ – maybe this thing needs a week of daily blasts at my feet – so I duly whirred away at my heels, waiting to see a grand transformation. Nothing impressive or anything you can spot in a before/after photo situation. 

But then inspiration struck! If you, like me, are pretty much always kneeling on the floor with your children, it is likely you will see a massive transformation after using this Express Pedi by Scholl.

foot scholl express pedi 
Because all that kneeling down takes its toll on the skin on the top of your toes. Especially if you are like me and mostly wear flip flops and not socks. And you can’t file on the top of your toes! Unfortunately I discovered this revelation after I’d idly used it on my hard skin. So no before photo. But I think you need feel-ivision in this case anyway. Or maybe just trust me: Scholl express pedi – gets rid of your mummy feet. 


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