Schleich Dinosaurs figurines [REVIEW]

Schleich Dinosaurs figurines [REVIEW]

Did you know tyrannosaurus rex liked to eat buttercups? No? Me neither, I’ll be honest, but I found out while we were playing with these Schleich Dinosaurs!

We were sent these fabulous new dinosaur figurines for the purposes of this review.

Thanks to the abundance of buttercups at the lakeside in Derwent Reservoir, Noah ensured that the T-Rex was well fed. He gathered up buttercups and fed them to the dinosaur figurine. “Chomp! chomp! chomp!” he shouted while moving the jaw open and closed.

Later, the T-Rex faced a terrible attack – two other dinosaurs arrived to battle the T-rex, and each other. Before long the dinogorgon was triumphant and the psittacosaurus was quivering under the daisies.

We have loved every moment of play with these excellent Schleich Dinosaurs. They are hand-painted, and the attention to detail is fantastic. They are robustly made, and hold up under normal play conditions, even when they were under attack by Noah throwing rocks (meteoroids) at them!

They are relatively expensive – you can pick up a set of dinosaur models from Poundland, but these are something else. The quality really shines through; they feel fantastic, and look fierce!

The t-rex retails at around £15.99, while the dinogorgon and psittacosaurus are both around £7.99. If you have a dino-fan on your hands, I can thoroughly recommend these Schleich Dinosaur figurines for hours of imaginative play.


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  1. June 4, 2018 / 11:53 am

    We love Schleich figures, they’re such good quality. We’ve only got a couple of dinosaurs but have lots of their animals.

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