Role Play Spring Cleaning with Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum

Role Play Spring Cleaning with Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum

“Mummy?” whispered Noah, snuggled in to me as we lay in bed. “Mummy, is it morning yet?” I opened one eye and considered how dark the room was. “I’m not sure, Noah. Have a peek through the window,” I replied.

He quickly jumped over me and onto the floor, running to pull back the curtain. Soon, I heard him squealing with joy, and he returned to the bed. Climbing back in, he wrapped his arms around my neck once more, and whispered, “Mummy! It is morning time! Let’s get up! I’ve got to do my cleaning!”

casdon dyson role play happy boy

Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner is pretty special. Noah loves to help clean in our home, and I often give him a cloth while I’m dusting, or he flicks the feather duster around. While I’m vacuuming, he holds the handle with me. When we were sent this Casdon Dyson Roller Ball Vacuum, his brain exploded with happiness. Every morning has been how I described; he wakes so happy to be able to go and clean the house!

casdon dyson roller ball vacuum review

casdon dyson role play vacuum side view roll ball

The vacuum takes four C batteries, and the fact we didn’t have those in the house when the Casdon Dyson Vacuum arrived added to the excitement. A trip to the supermarket specifically to buy the batteries was a very happy visit indeed.

There are two little screws with arrows next to them on the battery compartment – unscrew those and the back comes off easily.
I had a Noah bouncing next to me while I did so; I’m glad it was such a simple experience!

This Dyson vacuum is a direct replica of the ball model that Grandad has, so the boys knew where to find the removable dustbin at the back. The most thrilling thing about the Casdon Dyson is that it actually works! Not only does it make a noise, and have moving colourful balls in a clear cylinder, but it actually sucks!

There are two switches – one for just noise, and the other for the plastic balls to swirl around the cylinder too. It doesn’t have an automatic cut off, which may be the only downside of this toy. I have managed to pass on to Noah the ‘switch off, put away’ part of vacuuming, so *touches wood* so far we’re ok with this aspect of it.

A thoroughly brilliant pretend play toy – Noah loves it!

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We were sent this Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum for the purposes of this post; all images, words, and excited 3 year olds are my own.

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