Road trip planning

Road trip planning


We are planning a road trip in October. We don’t know where to go! We have a wedding to go to in Eastbourne, and so we need to be down there then, but otherwise we have two weeks to play with.
We have a couple of options lined up, but there are just too many choices!

Option one will start from the North Shields ferry terminal across to Ijmuiden in The Netherlands. After that, it’s pretty much a blank!
Some ideas we’ve had so far include running up to Den Helder, then down to Amsterdam, Bruges and then Calais, though this won’t take very long, and we have a little less than two weeks to drive.

Toddler in a car ride with peppa pig

James on a roadtrip with Peppa Pig!

Tonight I’ve mapped a route that takes us from The Netherlands into Germandy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, France and then into Spain through Andorra to catch the ferry from Bilboa back to the UK.

Option two involves driving down to my parents (so they can cat-sit – thanks mum & dad!!) and then doing touristy things in the UK. We considered visiting places like Stonehenge, Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon and so on. Jocelyn Reading over at The Reading Residence posted recently about a great deal in Lincolnshire, and we quite fancy seeing the zoo and the space centre.

There are of course other options, and we could forget the road trip element all together, for example we could fly to Barcelona or somewhere for a few days, then return to London having a couple of days there and catch a train to the wedding. I know one little boy who’d love to do that!

Too many choices! Where would you go? Have you done this kind of road trip before?


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