Review: BRIO Classic Figure of 8 Train Set

Review: BRIO Classic Figure of 8 Train Set

We were sent this BRIO Classic Figure of 8 Train Set for the purposes of this review. Noah loves trains, and small world play. He enjoys driving cars along roads, and chuffing trains round tracks. When the parcel with the train set inside arrived, he was skipping about, waiting for me to come home from work, to find out when he could play with it.

I managed to hold him off until the morning, but he couldn’t wait to get changed, so he’s wearing his pyjamas in these photos. Noah is 3, and was able to look at the photo on the outside of the box, to make the figure 8 all by himself. The wooden track pieces are smooth, so I had no worries about splinters in his little hands. Each section of track slots into the next one. Noah had to work out which way to direct the curve of the track so that he could join them in the figure 8. He made one almost-circle and then slotted the special connector track in the middle to finish the shape, before moving on to the next circle.

I love watching children play, and work out the best way to do things! It’s so fascinating!

The BRIO Classic Figure of 8 Train Set comes with one train and two carriages. The train is painted black and red, and the little plastic and metal yellow wheels make the whole vehicle really striking. The magnets click the train parts together well.

The BRIO Figure 8 train set comes with a sturdy wooden station, as well as some pointy trees. Noah likes to think they are Christmas trees, though he did wonder about the lack of baubles or lights!

This is a really fun set for railway enthusiasts, old or young, and would make a really good starter set if you were looking for a gift for a nearly 3 or 4 year old. The beauty of BRIO train sets is that it all just mixes up and makes an even bigger train track, so if you bought this train set but the child already had this one, it really wouldn’t matter, and would contribute to a larger railway.


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