Would you rather stay in, or go out?

Would you rather stay in, or go out?

We love to get out and about, exploring where we live. We don’t always try new places, as we have our favourite spots. I think it’s pretty important to get outside during the day, even if that’s just pottering in the garden, because everyone needs a bit of fresh air in their lungs. But sometimes we need to stay inside; perhaps if we’re waiting for a parcel, or just because I’ve decided to blitz the Spring cleaning or something. I rarely get out on a night time, which is what I’d have thought you were asking me if you’d asked, pre-children, if I prefer to stay in or go out. With the boys I like to go out, but we do have a few favourite activities when we stay in.

What about you? Which do you prefer – staying in, or going out?
staying at home and crafting

Would you rather stay in, or go out?

Staying in

When we stay at home, the boys love to play Duplo, LEGO, and with the Toot Toot track. They can busy themselves for hours playing with these things. So long as neither of them gets too close to the other, or takes the exact brick the other boy needed, we’re okay, and peace and busyness reigns.

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We also love to do activities like glueing and sticking. It’s so simple and yet a huge favourite here.

staying at home and crafting with a preschooler

staying at home and crafting with a toddler

Other activities we enjoy when we’re at home are baking, planting seeds, and making ice cream in a bag. Recently I found that all the Easter craft materials are reduced, and so we’ve been making bead necklaces, and all sorts of lovely things with fluffy pom poms!

staying at home and crafting with under 5s

Going out

When we go out we like to go to places that we can have a good run around, and often, where James can climb. He’s a real monkey!
I also often am by myself, as Rob is usually at work when I am not, and so I like to choose places where there isn’t too much chasing after the kids or effort involved in containing them!

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out and about in Washington Old Hall

out and about in Washington Old Hall
Some of our favourite places to go out include Washington Wetlands, Woodhorn Museum (where the Brick Dinos are until 4th June), and Penshaw’s Monument.

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  1. Sam | North East Family Fun Blog
    April 27, 2017 / 8:24 am

    I used to be all about going out and about – I love, love, love exploring with the kids and even a simple walk can keep them occupied.

    We got to the point though where the kids weren’t getting enough down time which I also think is important so now, I try and have a real balance. If we head out for the day I always try and follow this with a mostly quiet day at home if I can. Our favourite home activities are making our own pizzas, board games, family movie nights and playing Lego (oh and the kids like making their own little YT videos at home too).

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