Quiet days

Quiet days

Today is my last toddler-free Thursday, and tomorrow is my last toddler-free day, as James finishes nursery tomorrow. This photo was taken on his first day of nursery, aged one and just a few days. I’m sad about it; nursery is a great outlet for him and he’s done lots of lovely things there.


He’s learned some fantastic things at nursery. James can tell you about planets and shooting stars. He know we live on Earth.


We were talking about gardens the other day, and I pretended to pass him some seeds. He played out sprinkling them on the table, so I passed him an imaginary watering can. He wet the seeds, and then shouted, “now we need some light!”
How fantastic is that? As a two-year old, do you need to know seeds need water and light to grow, or that it takes a while for them to grow? Probably not but that information can’t hurt.

Nursery hasn’t been all good. On Friday he must’ve been told he had done something wrong. It worried at him. James asked me three times that evening if he was a naughty boy. Bearing in mind that he comes home from nursery at 6pm and goes to bed at 7pm, that’s not much time to talk about the same thing so often.
Then he asked if he was naughty again on Sunday and Monday while he was falling asleep. It’s pretty awful, if you ask me, because we don’t call him naughty; we explain why it wasn’t good to have done X, rather than label him or the activity as naughty. It breaks my heart to hear him say, “my a naughty boy, mammy” because he’s not!

However, this week will be the last time he goes there. And the end of my quiet days with just Noah.

I won some Adan + Anais muslins which arrived today. Because of the quiet time, I was able to take a few cute snaps of Noah.


I made use of the rest of the time today cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning! Also the health visitor came to weigh Noah; he’s now 8lb8oz.

Oh, and I put the Christmas tree up.


I was pretty clever when I put the lights away last year – I wrapped them around the tree-base. Unfortunately, they tangled themselves within two seconds of being unravelled from the base. I tested them, then spent almost half an hour getting them free of each other. Now they don’t work. Argh! So I need to buy new lights before I can put the baubles on.



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