Playing with numbers 1 – 10 with Brio Abacus

Playing with numbers 1 – 10 with Brio Abacus

We were sent this Brio Abacus with Clock for the purposes of this review. We used it to count to ten, add two sets together and find the total. It has a clock on to help with learning the time, which is something we’ll be working on in the future.

They say:

A classic abacus toy with clock for an early and playful introduction to numbers, counting and learning to tell time. Made of wood and plastic, with ten colorful beads and a clock with moveable hands. As stylish on the shelf as it is pedagogic, this is an abacus toy to keep as your child grows.

Different types of beads

We noticed that the Brio abacus has two rows of beads. The top row has red beads on, while the bottom row has a pattern of yellow and green beads. The beads feel different, and we talked about that as well as noticing that the shapes of the types of beads match the shadow shapes on the board under the rows of beads.

So we decided to use the red beads to count big cars, and used the coloured wooden beads to count small cars.

Team work

James directed Noah, who drove the cars over to James for counting. James said, “I would like two big cars,” and slid two red beads over to the left of the metal row. Noah selected the cars and took them to James.

Next time we try this game, I think we’ll write down the number of each type of car and add them up, then write the total number.

Clock work

The clock on the back of the abacus will be useful for learning to tell the time as the boys get bigger. We’ve not really tackled it yet as every time seems to be “20 past five” if you ask Noah! James is closer to the age of learning to tell the time but he’s not as motivated to try it as he is to learn to read. So we’re keeping to what he wants to do as it’s probably the easiest route!

This is a solidly made toy, which has a variety of ways of playing with it. For babies, I imagine the textures are more interesting, as well as the fact the beads slide from side to side. Now my boys are five and three, we’ve been able to bring it into a different kind of play, so this Brio abacus is something that will grow with the child and last for a long time.

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