Playgrounds in North Tyneside – Seaton Burn

We visited here quite a while ago, but I’m sorry to say I didn’t write it up because I wanted to go back for a different experience. We haven’t been able to, what with holidays and returning to school, and so on, and therefore I’ll just tell you about it! 

The park is in a housing estate, and there’s a large patch of grass nearby for free play. In the playground fenced area, there are two climbing frames – one for bigger kids and another for the littles. James ran straight over to the see-saw, where we had our first encounter with the other boys in the park – they kicked a football at us. Excusing it as a mistake, I said nothing, and James dashed off to climb on this climbing frame. Where it happened again. This time the ball went next to James’ feet.   

 The other boys continued to kick a ball towards us wherever we went in the park, until I told them, “you’re having a hard time controlling that ball. If you kick it to us again, you’re letting me know you’ve finished playing ball. I’m worried you’ll hurt one of my boys”. One of the group said “say sorry!” to his friend. The ball kicking stopped and they moved to the climbing frame.
This playground is under a flight path and the aeroplanes go overhead so close!

I took Noah out of the sling when I felt no longer under attack, and James asked for his brother to join him on the bouncy horse. 

While we were enjoying a swing, the other boys left, and rather oddly, didn’t take their balls with them.

This playground was lovely – different areas for various ages of children, and plenty of space for imaginative free play. I think we would have had a better time without the flying footballs!


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