Playgrounds in North Tyneside – Rockcliffe Park Playsite

Playgrounds in North Tyneside – Rockcliffe Park Playsite

Well, what a mixed up week of weather we’ve had! Fat, heavy-looking clouds, bright blue skies, and gorgeous sunshine all making an appearance. We made it to Rockliffe Park before the rain came down, and just at the end of the school day.

This park is right next to Rockcliffe First School, and just after 3pm all the children come zooming into the park on their scooters.  James wanted to play with a little preschooler, and they happily went up and down the slide over and over. The slide is actually built into a hill, so you can practice your walking up steep banks, or use the steps. Aren’t they cute?! 

rockcliffe park north tyneside steps slide toddler

The sign you can see in the background says “Divers, please use discretion when undressing”

The swings here have a great view of the sea if you can get high enough.

playgrounds in north tyneside rockcliffe park swings

Sorry, this photo is from August 2014 because I forgot to take a photo of James on the swings this time!

Until now we have never used this climbing structure. Whenever we’ve visited this park, we have always spent time on the slide, the swings and the bouncers. Well, if you’ve read any of our Playgrounds in North Tyneside Challenge posts before, you’ll know James is an avid climber. There’s nothing to actually do at the top of this climbing frame, so he got to the top, shouted, “I’m so high, Mammy!” and climbed back down again. Then went back up…

playgrounds in north tyneside rockcliffe park climbing frame

Look! I’m as high as a plane!

The children with the scooters followed these lines really carefully. It was fun to watch! James cannot yet climb onto the stepping stools, which are a little bouncy.

playgrounds in north tyneside rockcliffe park

The view from the top of the slide

We do like this park. It’s sometimes a bit tricky to spontaneously visit this playground because there isn’t always car parking available nearby. So it’s nice to go here as part of a little walk along the coast, maybe to warm up a bit if it’s a breezy day, because it’s in a dip, so a bit sheltered.


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