Playgrounds in North Tyneside – Northumberland Park

Playgrounds in North Tyneside – Northumberland Park

Northumberland Park in Tynemouth is 130-years old, and was given a £2.2m revamp recently. It reopened officially on the 8th August, and we were not too far behind in visiting to see what had changed. We are aiming to visit all the playgrounds in North Tyneside this year, in our local playground challenge.This was the playground in which James had his first go in a swing, so there are some fond memories of this park.  Something that hasn’t changed, of course, is the huge dip in which the playground is sited. You have to trundle down a steep hill from the main road to get to the play area.

The play site has been completely remodelled, and the biggest new addition is this wooden fort.  James ran straight over to explore inside.playgrounds in north tyneside - northumberland park
playgrounds in north tyneside - northumberland park castle and slide  There are now three climbing frames (including the fort), so there is something for most abilities!
northumberland park in north tyneside
The boys loved swinging though you can see James is very high, but that didn’t stop him from shouting, “higher!” with every push.  So funny!playgrounds in north tyneside - northumberland park swings  The new roundabout is set in the floor, so there will be less dangerous tumbles.
playgrounds in north tyneside - northumberland park roundabout
maxi cosi mura 3 toddler and baby pushchair  After our trip to the playground we headed into Tynemouth to enjoy the sunshine. We are struggling at the moment without a buggy board. Rob’s mum keeps asking me to buy one, and the instant I leave her house I completely forget to look for one, until James has a non-walking day, and then I remember… Tsk!maxi cosi mura 3 baby and toddler
tynemouth castle priory  tynemouth high street front street from priory castle


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