Playgrounds in North Tyneside – Churchill Playing Fields

Ah, there are lots of reasons for our visit to Churchill playing fields today. First off, we were visiting as part of our local playground challenge, and a fabulous play area it is too. Secondly, we visited to test our new Out ‘n’ About foot muff (review of which you can read here!) but forgot to zip on the top part, so I worried the entire time we were in the park that Noah was cold. And thirdly I wanted to time how it would take to drive there in case we managed to get a place at the nearby nursery for when I go back to work (11 minutes, if you’re wondering!)

So this was a flying visit to the lovely and popular Churchill Playing fields. There is a proper car park, so no need to worry about where to leave the car on residential streets. 

It was really cold today, whereas yesterday was very sunny and warm. Vest top to hoodie in 24 hours. The car park is about 50 yards from the playground, but James decided he wanted to ride on the pushchair with Noah. I thought when we got into the playground that he wasn’t going to get off and play, for a moment.  But he did, and started climbing on the frames.

 nuna pepp luxx out n about footmuff cosytoes toddler baby 
He whizzed up the ladder and down the slide a few times before saying, “it’s a bit chilly in here” and so the countdown to leaving began.

 churchil playing fields playground in north tyneside 
We liked the little touches in this park, like the coloured paw prints on the path, and the (apparently new) rope climbing section looked lots of fun, but James is too little at the moment, although he tried to stretch to join in.


churchil playing fields playground in north tyneside seesaw  
He really enjoyed the see saw, of which there are a few in this park. A seesaw is Noah’s new equipment in the park – previously he’s only been on swings. It’s so cute to watch him bounce himself, giggling while he does! I decided it was too cold today to let him have a go.

 churchil playing fields playground in north tyneside trees 
We had the quickest go on the swings before deciding it was time to go!

We will have to go back, because look how fun this slide looks! 

Fun at the #park with #daddy 💙💛

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And the things like there being a car park, and a dog-free zone, make this a very attractive playground. Also, I hadn’t realised how close we are to a running track – just next door to the playground. I used to run on one in the evenings during my GCSEs, so I’m quite interested in the idea of a few laps every now and again! 

We just bought two of the cutest bobble hats, so tomorrow we’ll be ready to explore another park!



  1. October 3, 2015 / 11:01 pm

    The playground looks FAB! So clean and open. Bonus for getting in some exercise on the running track while you are there! Are you taking pictures with a camera or your phone? I only ask because your photos are so crisp and clear!

    • October 3, 2015 / 11:09 pm

      Thanks Anthea, today I used my phone to take photos with. Sometimes I am the crazy parent with the big camera at the playground, but I didn’t take my dslr out today 🙂

  2. October 4, 2015 / 1:23 pm

    What a lovely idea to visit and rate a park. What do you plan to do with what you have found?

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