Yesterday James had a real rummage around the storage boxes in his bedroom and found some playdoh. Immediately he asked to play with it, but we were on our way out so had to put it on one side for today.

This afternoon, in lieu of a nap (much needed, much desired, much missed) we played with playdoh.


First we made snakes. Then I made a mouse, which James copied.



I think I like his mouse best, though you possibly had to be here to know its a mouse! Also, those blue spots on its back (you may be surprised to hear) are eyes.


Here, he made some icecream and a spoon, which he’s nibbling. Love his imagination.


Now we’ve got a load of multicoloured playdoh! He had a great creative time, and it kept him busy enough for me to get some chores done. Hurray?


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