Park Hall Countryside Experience

Park Hall Countryside Experience

We paid a visit to Park Hall Countryside Experience in Oswestry, Shropshire.  The website says it is “one of the region’s most exciting all weather family visitor attractions”. Well, I don’t know what the other attractions are, but we found this to be a very exciting place! We spent the whole day here, and there was certainly something for us all to enjoy; I can recommend Park Hall farm for a day out with a toddler.

The entrance price is the same for adults and children (over the age of two), and I think £8.40 each for a full day of activities is reasonable.

There are a number of historical exhibits, such as the Victorian Schoolroom, and World War II, but due to the number of mannequins I avoided taking James in these! He didn’t respond very well to the mannequins in Sunderland Air Museum!

We went straight to the soft play barn. There are two bouncy castles, a death slide, and lots of other things to play or climb on in here. James enjoyed the wooden tractor. Noah was able to have a little play, too, as there’s a baby sensory area.

Next door was the small animals handling room, where, at specific times during the day, you can touch and stroke rabbits and guinea pigs.

park hall farm small animals rabbits

James was so excited to touch a rabbit!


I had forgotten just how lovely it feels to touch a rabbit. They are SO SOFT!  It made me want to cuddle up in a ball of rabbity softness, but of course rabbits aren’t very cuddley, are they?!

Nearby there is a huge sand pit with so many construction vehicles and the usual sand paraphernalia that you’d like to think toddlers wouldn’t need to ‘share’. Haha, of course, it always the case when toddlers get together that they want what the other child has. The grass is always greener!

park hall farm sandpit

we could have spent all day here!

At Park Hall Countryside Experience there are a lot of scheduled activities to watch or take part in, but also a great load of things to do at any time. The climbing frames, soft play areas, and the playgrounds are all really well equipped!

park hall farm oswestry in shropshire has so much to do and is great value for a day out with a toddler

James loved these Space Hoppers. It was so fun to see a field of children (and adults) all bouncing on different sized hoppers! Very colourful.

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We headed along to watch the lambs being fed. We passed these goats having a snack on the way in, they were comical and so cute! animals like goats sheep pigs horses at park hall farm in oswestry shropshire

The baby lambs had already been fed when we got there, so the slightly bigger lambs came along for some milk when we sat down. My camera wasn’t on the proper setting so the photos of James’ expression after he had held the lamb’s bottle haven’t come out well, but let me tell you – he was so proud to have helped the lamb have their snack!
bottle feed lambs at park hall farm in oswestry shropshire

It’s so important to wash your hands thoroughly after touching animals, and after cleaning up we played for a while in this car. It’s a Fiat Personal in brown, I think, though I’m open to correction! Inside was a cassette player and an ashtray – both now pretty much confined to history, I think, though I’m sure this car wasn’t that old!
fiat popular in park hall farm oswestry shropshire for fun driving an old car
After driving a very long way, we went outside to watch the pig racing; a very exciting time!

watching the pig racing at Park Hall Countryside Experience

My Dad and James did not speak to each other before getting dressed, so they were almost matching!


Here they come!

pig racing fun at park hall farm countryside experience in oswestry shropshire

The blue pig was the winner.

pigs coloured to distinguish the winner aftyer pig race at park hall countryside farm experience in oswestry

We stopped for lunch – there is a cafe and picnic tables if you are organised and take a packed lunch. Prices are average, the food is basic but tasty enough – I overheard someone say, “Well, it wasn’t the best baked potato I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t bad” – and you can get a meal deal box for kids.

There is a large indoor area with loads of ride on tractors. James rode around on about five different makes and models. Again, my camera wasn’t playing, so I have lots of blurry photos of an estatic James!
children can ride toy tractors at park hall farm countryside experience

And then on to James’ favourite thing of all in this fabulous farm – a tractor ride!

a free ride on a tractor at park hall farm countryside experience
I stayed behind with Noah while my dad rode in the trailer with James. As the tractor drove away from me I could hear James laughing with excitement! For the rest of the time at the farm and all evening, James repeated, “I enjoyed the tractor, it went pop, pop, pop!”

When the boys came back we got a coffee while James disappeared into the play barn’s soft play. He spent a good while in there and then we went to see the big work horses.
days out with a toddler looking at huge horses at park hall farm countryside experience in oswestry shropshire
We met Charm on the yard, and she did a big poop on the ground. “We don’t do poops on the floor, Charm!” James shouted, before adding, “And we don’t do poops in our pants!” Quite.

A full day at the Countryside experience was absolutely exhausting, and James fell asleep in the car on the way back to my parents’ house. I think if I lived near here I would get the annual pass – by the time you’ve been four times it starts to pay for itself, and there is such a huge variety of activities to do that I think no two visits would be the same. There were so many things, like the driving experience and the miniature village, that we just didn’t even get to see. We occasionally hurried James to the next thing, so if you had an annual pass you could let the children play until they naturally moved along. A brilliant day out at Park Hall Countryside Experience – a big thumbs up from us!
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  1. June 27, 2015 / 10:21 am

    What a great trip for you and James, it looks like it was full of loads of fun activities to keep little ones entertained all day. It’s great that you can get the hands-on experience with the animals as well as explore the farm on the tractor and have loads of space to play as well. How funny that he told the horse off for pooing in the courtyard. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  2. June 29, 2015 / 10:40 am

    I agree that the place looks amazing! So many things to see and do but I wish the price would be less. But if we are near there we would definitely go on special occasions =) #countrykids

  3. August 10, 2015 / 2:12 pm

    A lovely day trip! Toddlers are so funny with the things they come out with, love the poop talk! Tractors are great for little ones and we love tractor rides too! Lovely photos!
    Thanks for linking up to #whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  4. chloelifeunexpected
    August 10, 2015 / 10:48 pm

    What an amazing day trip. This sounds like the perfect place to take children of all ages. That’s so cute that James was so proud of feeding the sheep. 🙂 It’s so incredible that they offer so many different things to see and do, like the sandpits, tractors and pigs racing. Oh I love how soft rabbits are too. I really want to get one for my daughter when she’s a bit older. Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather x

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