Packing for a day out with little children when it’s raining

Packing for a day out with little children when it’s raining

Today we are heading out to explore Rouen, Normandy. It is raining, so we are a little reluctant to get going, though there is plenty to see while we are here.

So, I thought I’d share what we have packed in the day bag for a trip into the city. This is what we pack for most days out, though we have added raincoats into the usual mix!

First things first, of course we pack nappies and wipes, sacks, tissues and lip balm. We are using this 2 part bag from Cheeky Wipes. It will hold wet things and keep them separate from the dry, if need be. Generally we take three nappies with us if we are heading out for the day.

Cheeky wipes dry nappy bag two part zipped is ideal for days out

The next, super important, thing we have packed is snacks! We have these little Yummi bags that hold the inevitable half-eaten pieces of cereal bar, but we don’t need to take the whole box out with us.

Yummi bag holds snacks or whatever you want it toThe bags are made of what feels like shower curtain material (is it called rip stop?) and it will hold damp but not wet things. They will hold little pieces of things, like Lego models that *had* to be taken out with us, and then ignored after ten minutes… The Yummi bags come in cute designs, and different sizes. I think these are the smallest.
Also into the day bag goes a pack of apple slices, some pepperami sticks, and some biscuits.

To keep the boys busy in restaurants at lunch time we take this little activity pack: a little pad of plain paper; some coloured pencils; and, stickers. I also take these squares of tissue paper and a stick of glue. You may also notice the disposable bib that will either be ripped off or ignored when we put it on Noah.

No one can go far without a spare battery charger for their mobile phone these days, so we usually try to take one along, too.

So there we are! Packed and ready to head out for the day to explore Rouen!

I received the Yummi bags in exchange for this review.


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  1. May 23, 2016 / 4:09 pm

    Snack are essential come rain or shine x

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