Num Noms Series 3 #unboxingday and GIVEAWAY!

Num Noms Series 3 #unboxingday and GIVEAWAY!

We are very excited to be able to share with you BRAND NEW to the UK – Num Noms Series 3! We love Num Noms! We were thrilled to be offered the opportunity to share with you the new series on #unboxingday!

Num Noms are named because the pieces are all themed around sweet flavours, like cupcakes and ice cream, and because there are two different kinds of characters to collect. The Nums are the outer, soft, squishy characters, and the Noms are the inner, hard-shelled pieces. There are four varieties of Noms: pre-inked stamps; motorised to bumble around; filled with flavoured lip gloss; or now flash with a coloured light! You can hide a Num inside a Nom for fun mix and match play, pile them high to make wacky combos or race them against each other.

We were pleased to be able to add the new Num Noms Series 3 to our delicious scented collection! You can mix and match Num Noms to create all kinds of sweet and smelly recipes.

The Num Noms series 1 blind pots are filled with either a lipgloss Nom and a Num or a stamp Nom and a random Num from series 1.

Enjoy watching our video of our Num Noms series 3 unboxingday!

We are opening the Num Noms Series 3 Lunchbox pack, which includes

  • Marshmallows, Donuts, Candy, Fruits and Veggies
  • Ten scented Nums (outer) in a variety of flavours and food groups. Includes one mystery Num
  • Two scented Nom (inner) eraser and stamp
  • Package includes a taste of multiple food themes in the series and can be recycled as a storage case
  • Contents: 10 Nums, 2 Noms, storage case and a collector’s menu
  • We have a selection of Series 3 Num Noms to giveaway! You could be some of the first in the UK to own the fabulous new Num Noms!

    Selection of Num Noms Series 3 giveaway

    Giveaway ends 22nd January 2017. Winner drawn at random. UK entries only, please.



    1. December 29, 2016 / 12:42 am

      happy unboxing, we too did this x

    2. Lynsie Lynn
      January 21, 2017 / 10:23 pm

      My daughter would love this 🙂 Thanks for the Chance :

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