NOVELTEA launch in Fenwicks Newcastle

NOVELTEA launch in Fenwicks Newcastle

Last week I asked you if you’d rather stay in or go out, and I mentioned how I don’t often get out without the boys these days. And then, what should happen, but an invitation to the launch of the new beverage NOVELTEA pinged into my inbox. Hurrah! So I got a trip out without the children, and tasted a new alcoholic drink while I was there.

Yes, you read that correctly – NOVELTEA is a new alcoholic drink – tea, to be precise.

noveltea launch newcastle april 2017

With their own spin on tradition, NOVELTEA founders and former Newcastle University Business School students, Vincent Efferoth and Lukas Passia have developed an innovative new alcoholic drink of cold-brewed tea infused with a matching spirit of either gin or rum; ideal for enjoying with afternoon tea or as a gin and tonic replacement in the early evenings.

There are two flavours – the Tale of Tangiers and the Tale of Earl Grey. Tangiers is a sweet, green tea, with hints of mint and lemongrass, infused with rum. The Earl Grey is, as you might expect, Earl Grey tea infused with gin for a slightly drier drink.
Vincent said: “To enhance the taste of tea, we cold-brew The Tale of Earl Grey and The Tale of Tangier for up to 12 hours to produce a smooth taste, drawing out the distinctive flavours without causing some of the bitter notes that can be associated with tea. Cold-brewing produces lower levels of caffeine and extracts more antioxidants than hot-brewed processes.”

Both are 11% abv. and come in either a 2-serving bottle (250ml) or a 5-serving bottle (70cl), retailing at £9.99 and £24.99 respectively.

Which one was my favourite? I think it depends on the situation. On a hot day I think the Tale of Tangiers would go down a treat, especially as a spritzer. Outside on the patio with a glass of that in your hand, you’d be transported to the heat of Morocco. As an after-dinner drink, I think the Tale of Earl Grey would win, especially if it washed down a delicious afternoon tea. I think I’d like to see a Tale of Japan next, with jasmine tea and maybe gin, or another floral, gentle drink.


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