My struggle with mastitis

My struggle with mastitis

On Sunday I wrote about my mastitis and the issues I was having with feeding Noah. He actually gained weight in his first five days, while babies usually lose up to around 10% of their original birth weight. So although I’ve found it painful and it is difficult to get Noah to take anything other than a very shallow latch, he is obviously getting lots of lovely milk and thriving.

On Tuesday I went back to the drop-in midwife to ask about my mastitis. My fever had gone since the antibiotics were prescribed on Friday, but the actual issue in my breast hadn’t gone away. She took one horrified look and telephoned immediately to get me an appointment with my GP.

Our doctors’ practice has a GP making telephone consultations, and if they feel they need to see you, they make you an appointment. The GP on phone call duty happened to be the same one I saw on Friday, and he listened to the issue and told me to get to the surgery in 15 minutes, during which time he called round various consultants to see what could be done to treat me further.

So, I went in and was given a referral to the surgical unit in the hospital and told to go there as soon as possible. Rob came dashing out of work so he could watch James and Noah while I was seen.

The consultant in the surgical unit swabbed my skin with some pink liquid that was supposed to cool it, though he warned, “it won’t feel good”, and then stuck a huge needle into my breast to determine if there was a collection of pus or anything else causing a blockage.

As there was nothing where he stuck the needle (“sharp scratch”), I’ve been marked up with a pen to highlight when the mastitis is, and now I’m waiting on a call from the breast clinic to have an ultrasound.

Crazy days.

In the meantime I’m feeling a lot better, and some of the hard redness has gone down. And the good news is that Noah will feed from that side now.

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  1. December 16, 2014 / 2:42 pm

    Ouch, you poor thing, my friend suffered and it’s awful, glad you are on the mend. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

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