My baby wearing journey – guest post by Mum to a Monster

My baby wearing journey – guest post by Mum to a Monster

Hi I’m Alyssa from Mum to a Monster. I wanted to tell you about my baby wearing journey and how it has helped me in motherhood. 

My son J was a bit of a nightmare baby; more so than a normal newborn. Luckily I had already bought a stretchy wrap as I had heard how invaluable they can be. J never liked being put down and would scream constantly. This is where the stretchy wrap came in handy as I was able to at least potter around the house or walk around the block without a constantly screaming child. I had bad anxiety and PND so it took me a while to even try using the stretchy as I was so worried he wasn’t in the right position or something. Looking back I should have started using the sling as soon as we got home. I think J was around 4 weeks by the time I started wrapping him.

J had reflux and CMPA which is why he was such an unhappy baby however the sling helped improve his mood massively. The sling meant he didn’t have to be lay down so often which helped ease the reflux slightly. It was also a godsend when he started to refuse feeds as in a certain position in the sling with his head tilted a certain way he would slowly drink a bottle.

Even daddy got in on the baby wearing experience and I think it helped him bond with J even more. As J got older and bigger we bought a Connecta Solarweave buckle wrap. This was easier for daddy to use and I loved the fact it was so lightweight as it was an extremely hot summer.

I then fell down the slippery slope of needing different types of slings. I bought a legacy wrap – a Didymos Jakob – and then went on to buy a Wallabi Rainbow Wraptai which is by far my favourite wrap. In fact I have packed it away for future children as I cannot bear to part with it. I would like to think of it as an investment.

My current sling that I use occasionally when J lets me is a Up and Away reverse half buckle. Basically that means that it ties around my waist but has buckles on the shoulder strap. This is my current favourite as it is so quick and simple to use.

Now J is older (2) he doesn’t go in the sling that often as he is too busy running everywhere. If I know we are going on a long walk I would definitely take it with me though as I have been caught out before and had to carry him home when he fell over. I can safely say slinging a 2yr old is a lot more comfier than carrying a wiggly 2 yr old on your hip.


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