What I’m listening to – Music and Podcast Recommendations – September 2018

What I’m listening to – Music and Podcast Recommendations – September 2018

When I work from the office I drive 25 miles each way. That’s roughly 35-50 minutes of time in the car each morning and the same again in the evening. I fill the time listening to music or podcasts, and I’ve heard some really great things recently.  Here are my favourites for September.

Indie Anthems Playlist on Apple Music

From time to time I shout to “Hey Siri! Play me some music” and sometimes Siri plays something decent. He picked this playlist recently and I found it ok for my commute.

reply all podcast

Reply All

I started listening to this podcast just this week, and my first episode was the one about Alex cracking an Indian call center who scam millions of dollars from innocent people around the world each year: #102 Long Distance Parts 1 & 2

It was a story that was familiar to me; I realised I’d read this story in a newspaper about a year ago, but it was much more detailed in the audio version. I find hearing the humour behind the story and the way the story unfolds in the way it is told just brilliant. A great piece of journalism.


Movie Killers

Thanks in no small part to the radio in Ireland during our recent trip there, my Apple Music keeps defaulting to music from the Tarantino soundtrack. This one is a real earworm, so don’t listen to it unless you want to be “bang bang”-ing under your breath all day.

News Thing

I’ve really enjoyed all of the News Thing catalogue so far; all five episodes of it. Andy Dawson and Sam Delaney have kept me company on several trips in and out of work lately. The humour is like me and my mates talking about politics, topical news items, and generally having a giggle at other people’s expenses (they usually bring it upon themselves).

Call your girlfriend

One of my favourite newsletters is The Ann Friedman Weekly, which is a run down of some of the most interesting articles out on the web, social media, and IRL.

Ann co-hosts the Call your Girlfriend podcast, and this episode really spoke to me: I’ve been feeling my white privilege fairly often recently. White Fragility is an exploration of collective racial identity, which white people often claim not to see while regularly benefiting from. Sit and listen, and learn.


Please let me know if you take up any of these recommendations; I’d love to hear what you think and if you have must-hear podcasts or tunes for Autumn. The car feels more cosy with something good to listen to!


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