Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker review

Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker review

Summer might be over but ice lollies are a great family fun project all year round (especially over the holidays) and can be made using real fruit and yoghurt to make healthier alternative frozen treats!

Cool Create Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker

We were sent this Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker for the purposes of this review. My kids adore yoghurt and love a good lolly at any time of year, so this was a fun twist on a favourite staple! 

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Mr Frosty mould
  • 1 x Igloo and drying station
  • 6 x ski poles sticks

You do not get any of the ingredients needed to make this. You will need some yoghurt and chocolate to make a basic penguin ice lolly.  Optional ingredients include chopped nuts, cake toppers like sprinkles or gold nuggets, and real fruit pieces – freeze-dried fruit would be ideal for this. 

making mr frosty ice lollies

Is it easy to make?

This is a really simple, quick activity. My boys could both manage it by themselves. There are several hours between stages so time this well!

The first step is to wash hands, wash the mould, and the ski pole sticks. Then you need to scoop yoghurt into the penguin moulds. Make sure they’re full up by giving them a gentle shake from time to time to try to get any bubbles to pop and get more yoghurt in. We used fromage frais, which was easier for the boys to scoop, but you can use any yoghurt you like.

When the moulds are full, you pop the mould tray into the freezer for at least 3 hours. 

mr frosty ice lollies ready to go in the freezer

Get outside and play! 

Ready to eat! 

When the yoghurt is frozen, you can move on to the next stage: eating! The igloo becomes a little microwaveable bowl, so break some chocolate up and place it in the bowl.

break chocolate into the igloo of the mr frosty choc ice maker before melting it in the microwave

After careful heating, the chocolate will be hot, so make sure the kids know not to touch it with their fingers. They need to dip the ice lollies into the chocolate to coat the outside, then dip into toppings before eating and enjoying! 

dipping mr frosty choc ice into chocolate igloo

What did we think of the Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker?

We thought this was a fun activity for the kids. It isn’t an in-depth task, but could be a regular thing to do as the only limitation is the amount of ingredients! 
Buy Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker from Very, Amazon and other good toy sellers. RRP £13.99

Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker

Mr Frosty Choc Ice MakerMr Frosty Choc Ice MakerMr Frosty Choc Ice Maker


  1. December 16, 2018 / 9:03 pm

    I loved the original Mr Frosty and always wanted one! They look like they’ve done a good job updating their model!

    • babyfoote
      December 17, 2018 / 9:43 am

      I think you can still buy an original Mr Frosty, Helen. They’ve added to their range with this one.

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