Most popular baby names in your area 2017

Most popular baby names in your area 2017

Did you give your baby one of the most popular names in your area? Find out if the name was one of the most popular baby names in 2017.

Baby names: where you live could shape what you call your baby

Analysis shows that names given to babies differ by local authority within England and Wales.

Office for National Statistics (ONS) analysis shows that names given to babies differ even by local authority within England and Wales.

Last year, there were 679,106 live births, with babies being given 63,697 distinct names and with just 73 unique names ranking first across 347 local areas.

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The top 10 boys’ names nationally were given to 13% of all boys born last year, whereas the top 10 girls’ names were given to 10% of girls. Since there are so many different names given to babies, even the most popular names are only given to a relatively small proportion of all babies named overall.

Boys’ names

The top three boys’ names in 2017 were Oliver, Harry and George. These three names ranked first in 63% of local authorities1 across England and Wales, suggesting that these names are broadly popular across the whole country. There were 30 other boys’ names ranked first in local authorities, including Jack, Muhammad and Noah.

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Girls’ names

Last year, new parents across England and Wales called 331,035 newborn girls one of 35,475 unique names – that’s over 7,000 extra unique names than those given to boys. The top 100 girls’ names are much more spread out geographically, with names tending to be extremely popular in specific areas, and a slightly larger range of names being ranked first in different local authorities.

The top three girls’ names in 2017 were Olivia, Amelia and Isla.

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Analysis suggests that boys’ names are more homogenous, with there being a comparatively narrower selection of names (7,000 fewer) despite there being 17,000 more boys than girls born in 2017.

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