Me&I clothing review and giveaway

Me&I clothing review and giveaway

About a month ago I asked the good people in my Facebook if they could recommend anywhere that sells good trousers for skinny waisted kids. James usually has about a yard of elastic each side of his trousers, with the maternity trouser style adjuster pulled tight and buttoned up to make the waistband fit him better. I wouldn’t say he’s massively skinny to look at, but he’s definitely smaller than the manufacturers seem to have had in mind when they did the sizing. Swedish brand me&i came to the rescue, and sent some clothes for James to try for the purposes of this review (which wasn’t really the reason why I asked the original question, but here we are).

Note that me&i no longer trade in the UK, however, do click through to the Facebook discussion below for more slim-kids clothes ideas!

me&i clothing review

If you are also in this predicament, you should go and take a look at the answers given, because they are all useful and based on real parents’ experiences.

me&i slim sweatpants

I picked a pair of slim sweatpants in tomato colour for James. He found the name of the colour hilarious, and has called them his “tomato pants” ever since. They are soft jogging pants, and slim fit. These trousers have reinforced knees and back pockets. They also have a little maternity pant style adjuster – just one – at the back. I did have to use this to get them a tiny bit smaller, but I can confirm that these are exactly what I was looking for when I asked for recommendations for slim fit trousers. I ordered size 110/116 and they fit James well. There is growing room, as size 110/116 is roughly ages 4-6, and James is short for his age.

me and i red sweatpants

me and i red sweatpants

me&i tomato slim sweatpants 1

me&i tomato slim sweatpants
While we were playing in the garden, James managed to wriggle alongside the bikes in the shed, trying to retrieve his ball. He got oil all over his brand new trousers! After a squirt of Fairy on the oil spots and the me&i slim sweatpants straight in the washing machine, and they have come out good as new.

These tomato pants are a big hit. They retail at £22.

me&i doggie henley kids top

I also picked a slim-fit top for James. Previously we’ve had a good experience of Scandinavian clothes (see the Picnik Barcelona top, which is still going strong 2 years on) and others, which I haven’t reviewed but are are great quality.

me&i slim fit long sleeved doggie henley top
back me&i doggie henley slim fit top

me&i slim sweatpants and la zebra tshirt at chalk newcastle indie event

This doggie Henley top by me&i is thin, stretchy fabric, as it’s part of their spring/summer range. It’s a long-sleeved top, and slim fit with a grandad collar. I love the little detail of the green dog starting on one side of the placket and ending on the other. Very cute. I’d love to tell you how this has washed and worn, but I’ve not been able to do that yet. Update: 9 months on and it has washed very well and still looks brand new.

The Doggie Henley kids top is unisex and retails at £23.



  1. May 19, 2017 / 6:44 pm

    I really like the clothes from me&hi. Arlo has the tomato pants in cobalt – not as fun a name! He has the same problem – skinny guy so everything hangs off him. He’s even in the same size as James.

    • babyfoote
      May 19, 2017 / 9:10 pm

      I think Arlo’s sweatpants are regular fit – these are the slim fit. Did you know that if James had been born 12 hours earlier he’d have been in the same school year as Arlo?

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