Lalaloopsy Mini Style N Swap – review

Lalaloopsy Mini Style N Swap – review

Lalaloopsy Mini Style n Swap dolls have arrived in the UK and they are so fun! These little dolls are really cute and we already have had hours of play. You can change their outfits, accessories and even their hair!

The dolls are just a few inches tall, and the items of clothing, especially the shoes, are also very small. This one is Crumbs Sugar Cookie, and comes with one doll and different pieces so you can change wigs, clothes and shoes for creative customisation.

Lalaloopsy mini swap n style doll

This is a doll for children aged 4 (or thereabouts) and up. That being said, Noah (1) enjoys tidying all the pieces into a little box, taking them back out again, lather, rinse, repeat. Obviously, I watch him – those shoes would be hard to find if they disappeared!

James, meanwhile, absolutely loves Lalaloopsy Mini Style N Swap. He came home from nursery and I told him he’d received a parcel while we were out, and his excitement was well beyond just opening a package. “I love my new toy, thank you!” he whispered, repeatedly, while getting her dressed.

He needs help with her shoes; they seem to be pretty tricky and they’re only about 1cm in size. They have a little spilt up the back so you can push her tiny feet into them. Her boots look pretty cool as mittens!

Lalaloopsy Mini Style n Swap doll crumbs sugar cookie

Lalaloopsy was the last thing James played with and the first thing he grabbed for the past few days. Apparently, she can fly “but only when she’s in my hand. If she’s not in my hand she flies away and away, and I’ll never see her anymore… Then I’d be sad”.

Sew Magical! Sew cute! What will your children imagine while they’re playing with Lalaloopsy Mini Style n Swap?


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