Kinetic Rock Crusher review

Kinetic Rock Crusher review

We were sent a Kinetic Rock Crusher for the purpose of this review. The Kinetic Rock Crusher is a construction site, featuring a “rocks” material that sticks together, yet never dries out. The set includes a bag of Kinetic Rock, a toy rock crusher, a dumper truck (that you need to make up), construction figure, a tamper, and packaging which doubles as a construction zone play space. It is a play set that will grab the imagination of your children and (if they are anything like mine) they will play for a very long time.

kinetic rock crusher toy review
kinetic rock crusher review
My 2 year old had first shot of this play set – closely supervised – while his big brother was at preschool. He absolutely loved it, and I had a good feeling about this lovely toy. He enjoyed picking up the rock in the mouth of the digger, and driving it to elsewhere in the construction site to make a pile. Such a lovely play time. It brings a bit of outdoor sandbox fun indoors.

Texture-wise, Kinetic Rock is coarser than Kinetic Sand, perhaps best described as small pieces of gravel.

kinetic rock crusher review
When my 4 year old arrived home, things started to get a bit messier. I found I suddenly had to put an unfolded box under the construction site box, and then had to take his socks off because he was stepping in the rocks, and then his trousers because he was kneeling in the rocks.
kinetic rock crusher review

kinetic rock crusher If you have one – use a Tuff Tray, or another method of containment. You need to make sure it doesn’t get on the floor, where socks can pick it up and track it around your home. We are still finding bits of rocks, using the special method of “Rob’s socks” which seems to attract and contain them better than any other method.

On a sunny day we will take this outside and play with the Kinetic Rock Crusher in the garden. This type of toy has a novelty appeal that will last at least several sessions before kids tire of it. If you lose enough Kinetic Rock for it to become a bit sparse in the construction site, you can buy extra bags of that via Amazon.

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  1. March 14, 2017 / 6:37 pm

    Looks like a fun…but messy toy for the boys. We had the moon sand years ago this reminds me of this!

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